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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Where Crawls the Lizard?

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Go straight all the way until you come across the first group of enemies. Don't attack them. Instead, grab the wall on the left and from there quickly jump to the other side of the room.

Kill the enemies by the exit stealthy or by using the nearby items.

Get rid of the enemies in the corridor similarly. Further road leads through the ventilation shaft at the end of the tunnel.

That way you will reach a room with a valve. Turn it and afterwards go along the red pipe on the left.

It will lead you to a turbine which you need to stop and head to the other side.

At the bottom you will find another fan. Behind it there's a valve which you need to turn.

The second one is behind the turbine on the right (above).

The last one can be found in the middle of the room. To turn it, stand beside it behind the acid pool.

That way you will unlock the hatch behind which you will have to fight the piranha-man.

Before attacking him, drain the room by turning one of the valves on the wall. Otherwise your enemy will be able to dodge most of your attacks.

Afterwards punch the beast two times and quickly dodge. Keep repeating this throughout the fight.

At some point, the enemy will call in a group of similar monster to help him. Get rid of them just like the main enemy. You can attack the lesser Piranhas even if there's water in the room.

After a few series the fight will come to an end and you will be able to head to the further part of the tunnel.

Go straight all the way while avoiding any fight and you will reach a bigger room full of enemies.

Grab the ceiling and get rid of the mutants on the upper walkway by using the nearby cabinet.

Head onwards and you will reach a corridor filled with acid. Fly to the other side using Web Rush.

The red pipes will lead you to a ventilation shaft, while the shaft to a big room where Gwen is hiding.

Your mission is protecting the girl from incoming mutants.

You should always firstly stun the enemies on balconies. Attack the ones below only after eliminating them. It's best to shoot web at them and then throw against a wall (hold down B).

From time to time, Gwen will be attacked by the Lizard. Do a quick Web Rush then and continue the fight.

When the fight is over, approach the machine and press Y.

Soon you will be attacked by the Lizard.

During the fight, try attacking with Web Rush, punch 1 or 2 times and retreat with fast dodges.

Keep repeating this tactic until the enemy moves away and stands in one place. You will then have to stick him to the wall (RB).

You will gain a few seconds to move a part of the damaged robot

Jump to the machine (RB) and start pressing X.

The Lizard will afterwards free himself and jump onto you. Dodge his attack by pressing Y.

Keep repeating this until you finally get the antidote out. Follow the sewer all the way straight to reach the spot where the second part of the battle will begin.

This time you will have to shoot web at the enemy until he stops.

When he does, jump to him and punch a couple times. Remember about pressing Y after 2-3 hits to dodge the enemy's attacks.

After getting damaged enough, Lizard will fall from the platform. Start quickly pressing X to give him the antidote, though you will succeed only after the third attempt

It might happen during the fight that you will start falling down the sewer. In such case you need to quickly press LB or RB to quickly return above.

After you finally give the antidote to the best, the fight will come to an end. That way you will also finish the last main mission and return to Parker's apartment.

Now you can finish all the side missions, find collectibles and jump around town in a new suit.