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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 9 (Quest 1) and Ending.

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If you came straight here without the completed Triforce, the sage inside would block you from going any further inside.

Go into the left room and kill the Wizzrobes.

Go into the next room and kill more Wizzrobes and some Like Likes.

In the next room above. Take care of more Wizzrobes.

Just orange Wizzrobes this time in the next room.

You get five Rupees.

To the right are Bubbles, Like Likes, and a Wizzrobe.

In the right room are blue Wizzrobes and they are deadly.

Go down and use the pits to your advantage to attack without being hit.

You get a key.

Bomb this wall.

Defeat these two Lanmolas before...

You can push up this block.

This is the first secret passage in the dungeon.

When you are out. Defeat these Like Likes.

Go in the right locked door and kill the Wizzrobes.

You get 5 Rupees.

Bomb this wall.

Go to the bottom and bomb this one too.

There are several Wizzrobes here.

You obtain the compass.

Go back up through the first bombed wall and go right.

Defeat all the flies surrounding the Patra then kill the Patra itself when it is defenseless.

You get the bomb.

No need to worry much about the Gels.

You get 5 Rupees down. Go down the lower door.

Kill whoever you want to kill in this room.

Then bomb this wall over here.

Take out the Vires.

You get the bomb for your reward.

You don't need the key. Ignore the Wizzrobes if you can.

Light this room up first then kill the Wizzrobes.

You get a key but you don't need it but I'm showing off every room.

Go to the very top room that you can and bomb this wall.

Defeat this Patra.

You now have the map. It's the shape of Death Mountain Skull.

Bomb this wall.

Defeat the enemies in this room to make things easier on you.

Bomb this wall.

Defea all the Wizzrobes in here and push up the left block and enter the stairs.

You got the Red Ring. Now you take only a quarter damage from all attacks.

Go back down two rooms (where you fought the Patra) and bomb this wall.

Kill or ignore the Gels and...

go through the top door.

Go up through the top locked door here.

You get a clue to go to the next room. So bomb the wall on the left.

Defeat the Wizzrobes.

Push the left block and enter the stairs.

Go through the passage.

Kill these Zols.

Go through the top door.

Bomb this wall.

You get a useless clue of Patra having the map that's if you got the map already.

Go back out and go down.

Kill the Lanmolas. The blue ones take more damage than the red ones.

Push the block aside and go down.

Anoter secret passage.

Go through the top door and you can get the key if you like. Just Kill the Patra. The flies orbit in a different way.

Go through the right door. Kill the Keese.

Go back out and push the block aside and go in the stairs.

Go through the passage.

Kill these Wizzrobes.

Bomb this wall and go up.

Take care of these Wizzrobes.

Push this block to the side and enter the stairs.

You got the silver arrows. Time to kick some Ganon tail.

Go back out the secret passage you went through before.

Go up and kill these Like Likes.

Continue upwards.

You are trapped in this room with Like Likes and Spike Traps.

The next room has Like Likes, Bubbles, and Wizzrobes. You can try to blow past them and go in the top door.

Next room has a Patra.

Beyond that are two Lanmolas.

You get a Bomb from them.

At the top, you can ignore the enemies and enter the right door.

You get a hint about a secret in the castle. You probably got them already.

Defeat these Lanmolas.

You get 5 Rupees.

Defeat the Zols and Like Likes if you want but you want to go into the locked door on the right.

Get the bombs if you need them. Kill any Gels in the way.

Bomb this wall.

Go into the right door.

Kill the Wizzrobes here.

Once again go through the next room.

Go through a secret passage.

Defeat the Keese in this eye section.

Watch out for this Like Likes. The fun thing is that even if the Bubbles hit you, they can't stop the use of the Magic Wand.

Defeat these Zols if you want to. You want to go into the locked door above.

Make your way up to the locked door.

Kill the Wizzrobes first.

Push up the left block and avoid the Spike Traps to get to the stairs.

Another secret passage.

Kill all the Wizzrobes to get them out of the way.

Bomb the left wall.

Defeat all enemies to push the left block down and enter the stairs.

The final secret passage way.

The final Patra you fight before you face Ganon.

Arm the Silver Arrows.

Time to face Ganon.

He stays invisible as he spits fire at you.

He will reappear when he gets hit.

After four slashes, Ganon turns brown.

One shot of the Silver Arrow and murder is all she wrote for Ganon.

Ganon's has been defeated.

Defeat the flames surrounding Zelda.

Walk to Zelda.


Ending 2.

Press Start for another quest.