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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 1 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 2.

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Go to the right and kill these Goriyas.

You get the Wooden Boomerang.

Go back and go up and kill more Goriyas.

You get a Key.

The Stalfoses now throw sword beams at you so that's whay I did all that prep work so the Magical Shield can block those beams.

You get a Compass.

Go up and deal with the Blue Goriyas.

Then continue up and kill the Gels or ignore them.

Go in the locked door on the right.

Kill Dodongo first.

It allows you to go in the door on the bottom.

There is a map inside and you must kill the Keese to get out.

The map is shaped like the letter E.

Backtrack all the way to the second room in the dungeon and bomb this wall.

Kill the Keese and enter the staircase.

Go through the secret passage.

It takes you to the room near the first boss but you must kill the Wallmasters first.

Get the Key needed to go inside.

You can kill the Goriyas if you want too.

But I'll just bomb the wall and be on my way.

Defeat Aquamentus.

There's the Heart Container. Now you have five hearts. White Sword will come early.

Dungeon 1 completed.

K2: Go up tis ladder.

K1: Kill this Lyrel and go inside the cave.

Get the White Sword.

I2: Watch out for those rocks.

P2: No time for the money making game in the stump. What we want is to go up the secret passage in this upper wall.

P1: Go in the shop.

This is now where the secret shop is. Buy the meat. You'll need it for Dungeon 3 and 8 later on. We'll also get the Blue Ring after Dungeon 2.

E4: Where the Blue Ring used to be is now the location to Dungeon 2.

Dungeon 2 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 3.

Defeat the Gibdos.

Get a key.

Go up and kill the Zols if you want to backtrack which I doubt you will.

Go in the right door.

Kill the Darknuts.

Get the Compass.

Get the Key and kill the Keese if you want to.

Go up and kill more Gibdos if they get in your way.

Bomb this wall.

Get the Key and go back.

Kill the remaining Keese to go up.

Manhandle the Manhandla.

You get a key.

Just go through the top door.

Kill the Zols.

You get the map.

The map is shaped like the letter A

Go back and go down.

You can now walk through some walls like just did in the previous room to get here. Enter the staircase.

Kill the Keese if needed.

Get the Recorder. It's gonna come in handy in the Overworld.

Once out, walk through this wall.

You end up back here where you fought some Gibdos.

Go down and to the right.

Bomb this wall.

Defeat all enemies here.

Get a key.

Take care of these Darknuts.

Go down and deal with the Keese and spike traps.

Get a key.

Kill or ignore the Zols to opent the bottom door.

Kill the Gibdos.

Get 5 rupies and enter the staircase.

Go through the secret passage.

Don't worry too much about the Darknuts. Go up.

Kill the Gleeok. This one has two heads.

Get the Heart Container and move on.

Dungeon 2 completed.

I6: With the Recorder, you can blow it and staircases magically appear in certain screens.

Get 30 rupies.

Head back to that shop where you bought the Meat and buy the Blue Ring.

P1: Just checking out the new blue clothes.

O7: Blow the Recorder on this screen to make a stairway appear.

Get 10 rupies.

K4: Blow the recorder here.

Get the Heart Container.

Blow the Recorder here.

Get 10 Rupees.

Take the left road.

I1: Blow the Recorder here.

Get the Heart Container.

Take the right road.

M5: Go up this ladder.

Blow the Recorder.

It dries up the lake and allows you into Dungeon 3.