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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 5 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 6.

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Watch out for the spike traps in this dark room as you deal with the Zols.

Go in the left room and watch for the Like Likes and spike traps.

You get five Rupies for killing the Like Likes.

In the left room, kill the Vires.

You get the Map.

HA! CALLED IT! The map is shaped like the letter Z. So the first five dugeon maps is ZELDA scrambled.

Go right then down.

Walk through this wall.

Kill the Keese.

You get a Key.Light the room and push the block aside to reveal the stairs and enter.

Go through the passage.

Kill the Wizzrobes to go throught the door on the right.

Can't do nothing to the Gohma just yet.

Avoid the red Bubbles and enter the staircase.

Get the Bow.

Now you can use the arrows to kill Gohma.

You get a key.

Head back to the place where you went through the secret passage earlier.

Go back through the passageway.

Go back to where you got the map and go up. Kill these enemies.

Go up and kill some more if you want.

There are several Zols here.

Kill them all for a Compass.

Still ain't got a Stepladder. Can't get the key that way.

Go in the door on the right and kill this Manhandla.

You get 5 Rupies but you can go up afterwards.

Go through the Spiral and enter the staircase.

Go through the passageway.

Enter the locked door on the left.

Kill the Gleeok. This one has three heads.

Dungeon 5 Completed.

J8: Move this rock and go inside.

Take the middle road.

J1: Push the left block up.

Enter inside.

Get the magical sword.

A4: Blow the Recorder here and the entrance to Dungeon 6 reveals itself.