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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 3 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 4.

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Go up and kill the Goriyas.

Go right and kill the Dodongos.

Got a Heart Container already.

Back track to the second room and go up and kill the Flashing Ropes who move faster than normal Ropes.

Get the Bombs.

Go up and get the map.

The map is shaped like an L with two extra rooms to the far left.

Continue up and get the Key.

Bribe the Goriya with Meat.

Defeat all the Goriyas in this room.

Get the Magical Boomerang.

Head back to where you killed the Dodongos and go down and get the Compass.

Defeat the Wallmasters.

Push this block to unveal the staircase.

Go through the secret passage.

Get the Key and kill the Goriyas to go up.

Dungeon 3 completed. That was a short one, wasn't it?

L2: Head here after leaving Dungeon 3. In Quest 1, this was the screen you kept going up before reaching Dungeon 5. By the way, doing that here leads to a Fairy lake.

Dungeon 4 entrance revealed.

Dungeon 4 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 5.

The left room is dark.

Light it up and kill everyone

Get the key.

Go back and go up.

Weaken Digdogger with the Recorder.

Then kill the Digpuppies.

The left room opens.

Kill everyone in this room.

You get a Compass.

Watch out for the Red Bubbles. Head for the locked door on the right.

Defeat Aquamentus.

Defeat all enemies here.

Push this block.

Get the Magic Book. Too bad you don't have the Magic Wand yet.

Once out, go through this wall.

Buy the bombs to carry a maximum of 12 bombs.

Go through the left wall.

Ignore the Darknuts and go through the door.

Defeat these Darknuts if they get in your way.

Go up and avoid the traps.

Kill these Zols.

Get a Bomb.

Head back to this room.

Go right and push the block to the right and go down.

Kill all enemies for a key.

Bomb this wall.

Get some secret Rupies.

Go back up and push up the block and go right.

Bomb this wall.

Kill the Dodongo.

Go up and kill the Darknuts.

Get the map.

"The map is shaped like the letter D. Hmm, 1 = E, 2 = A, 3 = L, 4 = D. Gee, I wonder what Dungeon 5 map is shaped like.

Kill the Keese.

Bomb this wall.

This bastard wants you to pay him to move on. Give him the money.

Push this block.

Go through the passage.

Enter the locked door.

Kill the Digdogger.

There is the Triforce shard but there is a loose end to take care of.

Walk through this wall.

Kill the Darknuts to proceed.

Kill the Dodongos next.

Kill all enemies in this room.

Push this block to the left and make your way to the staircase.

Get the Raft.

Backtrack to the Triforce shard and Dungeon 4 completed.

Use the Recorder to warp to different dungeons you completed. There is still some prep work otherwise I would use the Recorder to cheat my way to Dungeon 5 because the Recorder drops you were you defeated the Dungeon in the first quest and Dungeon 5 is where Dungeon 4 used to be.

P4: Ride the raft here.

P3: Enter the cave and get the Heart Container.

P6: Dammit, I sure need the Ladder right about now so I could get the Master Sword.

Buy some red medicine.

Go to another shop and buy some arrows.

F6: Ride the raft to Dungeon 5.

F5: Enter the dungeon.