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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 7 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 8.

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Go into the left room and get the Compass.

Get out and go right and in this room, go through the right door here.

Make your way through the next door.

Kill all the enemies in this room.

Get five Rupies.

Push this block up.

Go through the passage.

Ignore these Keese and go down.

Get the Key and kill everyone in this room.

Push this block.

Get the Red Candle.

Go back up and enter this staircase.

Go back through the earlier passage.

Go through the right door.

Kill the Manhandla.

Go through the right door.

In this room. If you got full power, fire from afar.

Light up this room and kill all the Darknuts here.

You get a map.

The map is shaped like a swirl. Kill the Darknuts.

You get five Rupees and the ability to continue forward.

Ignore these guys and continue on.

Kill the Gohma.

Get the Key from this room.

Push this block and carefully get in the staircase.

Go through the passage.

Go up from here.

Push up the block and go right.

Give up 50 rupees and go down.

Kill these Darknuts.

Push the block to the left and enter this staircase.

Go through the passageway.

Enter the locked door.

Defeat this Darknuts.

Get the Bomb left behind.

Defeat the three headed Gleeok.

Get the Heart COntainer.

Dungeon 7 completed.

J2: Bomb this wall. This is the entrance to Dungeon 8.