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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough The second quest begins

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H8: Enter the cave

You get the Wooden Sword.

B7: Before heading to the first dungeon, time to do some more serious prepping because some enemies have changed properties. Start by going through the lost woods. As a reminder its up, left, down, left.

A3: Make your way here and push aside this grave.

Get a heart container.

C3: head to where Dungeon 6 used to be.

Get 30 rupies.

E3: Get the Power Bracelet now that you are here.

F3: Enter this shop.

Buy some bombs.

C1: Bomb this wall.

If you need medicine return here with the prescription.

B2: Push this left rock.

It reveals a secret passage elsewhere.

Here's that prescription you want.

D2: Bomb this wall.

Get 30 rupies.

D3: Push this rock.

Take the right road.

N3: Bomb this wall.

Get 30 rupies.

N4: Move this Armos.

Clear away any enemies in the way.

Get 30 rupies.

O5: Move this Armos.

Get 10 rupies.

O6: Enter this shop.

Buy the candle.

D6: Burn this bush.

Get 100 rupies.

B6: Burn this bush.

Get 10 rupies.

G6: Burn this bush.

Get 10 rupies.

G5: Burn this bush.

Get the Magic Shield.

I5: Burn this bush

Get 30 rupies.

I3: Burn this bush.

Get 30 rupies.

H4: Now we are ready for Dungeon 1.