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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 6 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 7.

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Light up the room to see where you are going.

Go in the upper room and head left.

Get through the Bubbles and Vires and enter the left locked door.

Defeat the enemies here.

In the next room, the spike traps try to be a little sneaky and pick you off when you get it so wait in the doorway till they retract.

You can go ahead and get the five rupies when you are careful.

Push this block and go in the staircase carefully.

There are you filthy Stepladder. I need you earlier in the game.

Once out, go down and get the key.

Go right then up and bomb this wall.

Go to the left.

Get the map.

The map is shaped like Link's Hat. Walk through this wall.

Use the stepladder on the right gap line and the Bubbles can't touch you.

Bomb this wall.

Get the Compass.

Go out and go up and kill the Vires.

These Bubbles are safe. Push this block and go in.

Go through the passage.

Kill the Keese

Bomb this wall if you want the key in that room.

Go through the door on the right instead.

Kill the Gleeok. This one got two heads.

Push the top block aside and enter the stairs.

Go through the passage.

Defeat Manhandla.

Then defeat Gohma.

Get the Heart Container.

Dungeon 6 completed.

P1: Back to the secret shop and another thing of Meat to get.

F6: Now I can get that Heart Container using the Stepladder.

L5: Burn this bush if you need Medicine.

M7: This is the entrance to Dungeon 7 but you got to burn the bush from the other side then go around and enter the dungeon.