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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 9 (Quest 2)

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Once again, if you came here before getting the Triforce completed, you can't proceed.

Go through the top door.

Avoid the spike traps as...

you go through this wall on the right.

Clear out any enemies in the way and...

Go through the right wall here too.

Defeat the Wizzrobes.

Bomb this wall.

Defeat the Patra.

Get the map.

The map is shaped like Ganon's head. Go through the left wall.

Kill the Wizzrobes then...

push the block.

Get the Silver Arrows.

Now Gannon shall go down.

Once out, go through the upper wall.

Push this block.

Go in the staircase.

Go through the passage.

Don't worry about the enemies here.

Bomb this wall.

Defeat the Lanmolas.

Get the Bomb.

Defeat the Like Likes.

Get past the Vires and go through the locked door.

Arm the Candle if you need to see what's inside.

The room is full of Keese.

Go through the upper door.

Push up the block and go left.

Bomb the wall.

Go in and immediately go back out so you can push the same block to the right and go up.

Defeat the Wizzrobes or get past them.

Ignore them here.

Bomb this wall.

Just a room full of Keese.

Killing them all yields the Compass.

Go back up and bomb this wall.

Go into the locked door.

Go in the room up there when the past is clear.

The sage says go to the next room.

Instead of bombing it, you are going to walk through it.

Make your way to the upper door.

Hold tight on killing the Patra. Go through the left wall first.

Defeat the Blue Lanmolas.

Push the block on the left.

You get the Red Ring.

Kill the Patra and push the left block.

Go through the secret passage.

Bomb this wall.

Kill the Patra here to pass.

Time to take on Ganon again.

Like before, he will be invisible until you hit him.

After the fourth hit, he turns brown.

One Silver Arrow later and he is history again.

Defeat these flames.

You saved Zelda again.

The Ending.

Congratulations on beating both quests and you also get rewareded with a hint of a sequel coming.