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The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough Dungeon 8 (Quest 2) and Journey to Dungeon 9.

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Avoid the red Bubbles.

Push the block and enter the staircase.

Go through the passageway.

Kill the Goriyas.

Walk through this wall.

Kill the Dodongos.

Kill all the Wallmasters.

Push the block aside and enter the staircase.

You get the Magic Wand.

Go back through the magic wall and go right to this room.

Bomb this wall.

Get the Map.

It is shaped like the @ symbol. Go back up through the tunnel and push the left block down.

Go through the passage.

Kill the Flashing Rope.

Kill these Goriyas too.

The Digdogger is really no threat so ignore it.

Use the Meat to get past this guy.

Kill the Keese.

Get the Compass.

Head to the top and kill the Goriyas to go left.

Get the Key first though.

Kill more Goriyas.

On the next screen, don't worry about the DIgdogger.

Bomb the wall and go through.

Kill the Wallmasters but watch out for the red Bubbles.

This is the same room lit up.

In the next room, kill the Dodongos.

There is a lone key here.

Avoid the red Bubbles and push this block up.

Go through the passage.

Go through the door on the left.

Kill these Stalfoses.

Push this block.

Get the Lion's Key.

Go back to where you went through the locked door and go down into this room. Push this block and go left.

Kill the Ropes.

Go through the bottom wall.

Go into the right door.

Go through the narrow passage through the locked door.

Kill these Goriyas to push the block on the left and get into the staircase.

You also get some bombs too.

Go through the passageway.

Defeat the Moldorms. Bomb the bottom wall and go down. We have some loose ends to take of.

Get through the Goriyas.

Take out Aquamentus.

Pay 100 Rupies to carry a maximum of 16 bombs.

Go back to the room you fought the Moldorms and go through the locked door and kill the Dodongos.

Get the final Heart Container to have all sixteen hearts.

Dungeon 8 completed.

A1: Bomb this wall.

This is the entrance to Dungeon 9.