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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Iorverth''s Path - Chapter 2

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"After the cut-scene, rush the Wraith Knights with your Silver Sword. When the armored standard-bearers appear, use a sign to take control of them and turn them against one another. When the owl appears, follow it out of the danger zone. Don't step outside of the orange zone or you'll take instant damage. Occasionally wraiths will trap the owl with magical restraints. When this happens, ignore other foes and cut down the Wraiths immediately. You'll be invited to a council meeting at the Castle of Three Fathers. Saskia will be poisoned during the discussion. Philippa will give you a list of ingredients for her revival. Go after the Immortelle herb first. Travel to the inn and speak with Zoltan. He and a group of friends can be convinced to open the mines beneath the city where the herb may be found.

"In the mine you'll encounter a number of Necrophages. Use ranged attacks or strike quickly and back away, as Necrophages explode when mortally injured. Search the dwarven bodies you find for keys and maps leading you deeper into the dungeon.

"Be wary of traps. Light torches and use your Medallion to detect threats in the dark.

"At the bottom of the mine you'll face a Bullvore. Use quick attacks and stuns to keep it off balance. Immortelle us located nearby.

Return to Philippa. The dwarven city is a confusing place to navigate. Keep in mind the differences in elevation when trying to find specific locations. When you find the sorceress, ask her about the magic artifacts needed to lift the curse. She'll sugges

"Cecil proves a valuable contact. Ask him about the history of the battle. He'll give you an idea of where you'll eventually need to look for the curse-lifting artifacts.

"Go see the Prince about royal blood. He'll refuse you, but you'll be seeing him again soon enough.

"Start asking townspeople about places of magic. Cecil will tell you about a crypt outside of town.

"Navigate to the Old Gate. It's a small wooden door near the northern outskirts. You'll pass through a dark tunnel, open a second door and emerge in this passage into the forest.

"A group of bounty hunters may await you near the water outside the gate. Kill them, then cross the ford. You may also encounter Nekkers, soldiers and Harpies. You'll find a magic crystal in the upper section of the ruin. Take it back to Philippa.

"She'll send you to Cecil. Visit him and blackmail him into opening the gate to the Harpy lair. Head out the western gate of the city, then follow the path to the left of the Squirrel camp. Behind a steel door you'll find the tunnel leading to the nests.

"There are five crystallized memories in the cave, each a different color. Beware when you take the pink stone from the projector. You'll be assailed by a large crowd of harpies. Use Quen before pulling the stone, then flee into a narrow passage. Use bombs and incendiaries as the harpies follow you and use the walls to keep from getting surrounded.

"Descend a little farther and find the red crystal. This is a dragon's dream. View it in the projector and then ascend back to the sorceress.

"Asking about Triss, you'll learn that a local drunkard claims to have seen a woman fall from the sky. Find him and interview him. He'll tell you he saw a troll abduct Triss. Head out the western gate and into the ravine. You'll encounter the troll cooking dinner. Take a non-aggressive stance and agree to find his wife without hurting her. Follow the map to find her under attack by mercenaries. Defend her and attack their leader. He'll surrender soon enough and tell you about Letho. Bring Triss's bandana to the sorceress.

"You'll soon be informed that peasants are demanding the Prince's blood. Rush to the castle. You'll have limited time to find out what's happening. Interview the peasants, then run and find Wally. Charm him into telling the truth, then run and see Cecil. He'll give you directions to the Reverend's house. Search the Reverend's house and find his notes. Return to the Caste and charm the guard into admitting you to see the Prince. He'll accuse you of blackmail. When you step outside the crowd will demand a lynching. Dissuade them, telling them that the prince is entitled to a trial.

"You'll now need to enlist Phillipa's help to cross the mist. Get her Medallion, then pass through, again staying close to the owl. Clear entangling Wraiths off her.

"When you reach the other side you'll find Roche. Tell him you're after Triss, ask about what happened, and tall him you won't explain yourself. He'll assist you. Take the leftward path through the prostitute's camp, paying a bribe to the madame for admission to the tunnel.

"Pass through the tunnel. The monsters here will present little challenge. Fight through and emerge on the sea shore. You'll be escorted into camp. You'll learn that Triss has been transformed into a statuette. You'll be sentenced to death.

"Tell the executioner to plough himself. You'll be rescued at the last moment by Roche. Charge the mage shield up and sword swinging. The moment he teleports, rush at him again and keep hacking, Don't allow him to focus his energies on an attack.

"Sneak into camp behind Roche and move right after he distracts the guards. Behind the king's tent are a stack of barrels. Blast them with Aard then carefully retrace your steps left and around the front of the tent.

"Tell the king who you are, but don't tell him the blood is for Saskia. Take the blood and make your way back through the mist. Tell Phillippa you have all the ingredients now. She'll heal Saskia, who will in turn give you her sword to help break the curse.

"The Dun Banner can be found outside the Old Gate. You'll be ambushed by Nekkers on the way. Beneath the ground you'll be attacked by Wraiths. Use Aarn on the stone walls to meet the undead commander. You can fool him into giving you the banner without a fight. Tell him that you were a Dun warrior. When he describes the formations in battle, tell him he got it worng. When asked who led the troops at Berne, tell him it was Coehoorn. When asked about Coehoorn's future, tell him Coehoorn was dead. When asked who commanded at his last battle, tell him it was Vandergrift and Seitkirk. When asked how you escaped, tell him Biggerhorn took you prisoner. He'll reward you with the Banner and magic sword.

"Return to Philippa. She'll instruct you to enter the mist and break the curse. You'll assume five identities during the battle. First, you'll fight as a common infantryman claiming a standard. You'll be slower than normal. So rely on distance and strong blows to win over your armored foe. Then, you serve as a messenger. Just run straight ahead, weaving between barricades. You'll then become a knight advancing on The Visitor's guard. Again, you are slow but strong. Use blocks rather than dodges and strike with heavy blows.

"You'll return to your own persona as the Witcher. The Visitor is a powerful tank. Use Yyrd to immobile him, then attack his shield until it is knocked aside and lay into his body. Keep stunning him and you'll win quickly. The advance as a ghostly priest to end the curse.

"Return to Philippa and then find Zoltan. He'll enlist your aid in pouring oil on the attackers. Kill the soldiers at the top of the stairs near the gate, then pull the switch and douse the enemy in flames. Then retreat to the wall above the second gate. Kill soldiers as they advance up the ladders.

"Eventually you'll be asked to accompany Saskia to the mines. Try to go alone, but she'll insist on going with you. Below the city you'll face a mage and some soldiers. Attack the wizard and fight off the nights. Saskia will interrupt with a surprise when things turn dire. Promise to keep her secret, then return to the walls.

"Iorveth will show up when most needed. Follow Zoltan down a ladder to the right of the wall to reach Iorveth, then escort him to the gate controls. The king will surrender. Philippa and Saskia will order the execution of the King's sorcerer. This will arouse Iorveth's suspicions.

"Search Philippa's quarters. You'll find a book of poisons. Step outside and tell Zoltan and Dandelion that Saskia was bewitched. Agree with Iorveth to follow them to the conclave. Chapter 2 of Iorveth's path is now over.