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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Iorveth''s Path - Epilogue

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"Triss will help you up the wall. She'll inform you that Letho is waiting to meet you. On the way to face him you'll encounter thugs who have captured a wounded Iorveth. Rescue him.

"Ask Triss to help Iorveth. Tell her you fear for her. She'll stay with him.

"Letho waits for you in the old Tremerian camp. He'll offer you vodka. Refuse it to get things moving. If you want to know more about what's happening in the background, accept it, then tell him your persued hum for many reasons.

"He'll reveal some things about your past. Tell him it's time to finish this. He'll offer to leave and never see you again. Force a fight, or let him go. Your choice.

"If you choose to fight him, your second battle with Letho will go much the same as your first. He uses Quen immediately, as should you. Yrden can catch him, but he'll often use Quen to push you away while stunner. Keep hacking, keep him stunned and you'l

"The game ends with you opening the gate to the city. You and Triss walk out together alone, leaving kings and kingdoms to their own fates. Iorveth's path is now complete.