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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Roche''s Path - Chapter 3

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"Follow Roche toward Loc Munne. He'll get you past the Order of the Flaming Rose. Once inside, make your way to the square. You'll be assaulted by bounty hunters. On the square you'll meet a magic merchant who can decipher the meaning of the text you found in the old cabin. Talk about weapons, and a dialogue tree about the manuscript will open. Charm him to avoid paying a bribe.

"Head toward this door off the square and down the stairs.

"In the sewer nearby you'll find this guardian.

"Answer Zi, Uddu-ya, Ia Ia, Gat, Exa, Nibbit, Kanpa, Gat, Uddu-zi. A portal will open.

"Inside the Portal is a room full of brazers. Leave the center brazer lit. Don't extinguish any flames. Each brazer you light creates a second lit brazer. Continue lighting until all brazers are lit.

"When you reach the Operator, you have a choice. Asking him about what the artifact does and accepting his guidance will allow you to reset your Abilities as you see fit.

"Admitting that you are not the Chosen One will prompt a fight. Use Quen for defense, dodge the Operator's fireballs, and get in licks when you can. When he activates his own Quen, step away. Whenever he summons Gargoyles, get away from him immediately to avoid stunning. Lure the Gargoyles to the other end of the room and kill them. Then close with the Operator and repeat the previous sequence each time Gargoyles are summoned. Do not get cornered.

"When the Operator goes down, he leaves behind the umber-awesome Operator's Staff, a fantastic melee weapon that causes opponents to burn and explode.

"Meet Roche in the square. He'll take you to the Redanian quarter guards. Tell them you have information about the Kingslayer. Follow Roche to the Redanian king. Tell him you're no soldier. Ask about the Nilfgaardians. Ask for his assistance. When prompted, ask what Henselt has to do with it. Tell him you weren't there when Henselt was killed. Tell him Sile commissioned the regicides. Say that the dying killer told you of her involvement. Charm him into believing that you don't know why. Ask if Aryan is alive. Agree to rescue Anias. Talk with Roche and tell him this is about the Kingslayer.

"Join Roche in the fissure in the square leading to the sewers. Charm the guards to enter the gate. Fight your way into the courtyard. You'll be swarmed by knights. If you're a Swordsman, the Operator's Staff will cleave through them like butter. If you rely on magic, stay protected and use your group effect Signs. If you're an Alchemist, bring an arsenal of Bombs and Traps.

"Roche will take the high road while you clear the yard. Use Quen to protect yourself from the crossbowmen until he kills them. Press forward just ahead and parallel to him.

"When you reach Dethmold's apprentice, remember to keep the pressure on. Don't allow him time to cast spells. If you have access to Group Finishers, remember they will pass right through his Quen shield.

"You'll find Dethmold in his quarters. Roche will rearrange his anatomy. Search his room, then backtrack to Anais. Her cell door will now be open. After rescuing Anais, talk to Roche and say “let's go then.” Follow close beside her when the Order of the Burning Rose arrives.

"Meet Roche at the Colosseum. The drama of Temeria's future will play out.

"The Dragon will interrupt the intrigue and carry Sile to a nearby tower. Pursue her. Activate Quen before you ascend the tower.

"Sile will taunt you, then activate her teleportation spell. Unfortunately, her equipment has been tampered with. Let her explode.

"The Dragon telegraphs most of her attacks. Roll out of the way of her fire, run in for a couple of licks, roll back to avoid her lunges, dodge her fire and repeat. Aard hurts her a little. Quen is essential to avoid immolation. Use your Silver Sword rather than the Operator's staff. Midway through the fight you'll climb to the top of the ruined tower. The Dragon will lunge, spray fire and whip her tail. Avoid the first two attacks as before and the tail whip by rolling as far from the tail as possible. When she begins flying sweeping down, dodge aside. Stay toward the middle of the tower.

"When the Dragon's health is low, a cut-scene will begin. Watch for Quick Time Events. You will leap onto her head with his sword, and force her head up with a hook. She will crash, impaling herself on a fallen tree.

"You'll be given a quick choice of whether to kill the Dragon or leave her. Let her live. This will end chapter 3 of roche's path.