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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Before leaving the boat, search the chest on deck for armor. Equip it and then follow Roche and Triss along the shoreline. Search as you walk and you'll find some herbs.

When you meet Iorveth, he'll threaten you. Whisper to Triss to prepare a spell and keep him distracted. When his archers ambush you, Tris will deflect their arrows. The effort will weaken her and she'll collapse.

Roche will carry Triss while you carve a path. Don't step outside the orange circle around her body or you risk becoming a pincushion. Your sword and signs should be enough against your attackers.

When you reach Flotsam, Triss will recover. Search around the dock area and then head for the square. Dandelion and Zoltan will be standing on the gallows awaiting hanging.

Approach the guard captain and ask if these men have committed a crime. Get the crowd on your side by pointing out that lechery isn't illegal. When the guard becomes incensed he will attack you. Block with two-step QTE punches using the WASD keys.

After the guard falls you'll box the executioner. Be patient and you'll be fine. When the Commandant arrives, argue that justice is on your side, then work toward an arrangement. He can be reasoned with. He'll invite you to his house, but you can't visit until dusk. Spend some time exploring the town. While you're wandering, you may be absconded by bounty-hunters. If this happens, use Quen, get out of the middle of their circle, and finish them one by one.

Sell your junk items to merchants and search for loot. Also search the postings outside the Inn for side-quests. The brothel is down the stairs in the Inn if you're interested.

When you're ready to continue with the main plot, talk to Triss in the bar, then catch up with Dandelion. In mid-conversation, a monster will attack the town. Rush out to the pier to catch a glimpse.

Run down to the dock and you'll find Sile and some townspeople near a wounded man. Charm the men into escorting their wounded friend and strike up a deal with the Sorceress Visit her in her room above the Inn. Agree to help her kill the Kayran.

Find the merchant near the men stacking crates port-side He'll try to give you a raw deal on payment. Stick to your price and remind him that as long as the monster remains he can't do business. He'll come to his senses.

Before you go dealing with the Kayran, you're going to want a Silver sword to replace the one you lost in the dragon's mouth. Get the Diagram from Roche's ship if you haven't already done so, then go see the dwarven craftsman in town. A little house-looting will reveal most of the items you need to make the sword, and you can buy anything else you need off the craftsman himself.

Now that you’re adequately equipped, you'll need to learn more about the Kayran. There's a book on it in the bookstore in Flotsam if you want to read it. For more info, Catch up with Dandelion and then talk with Zoltan at the Inn. He'll tell you about Cedric. Exit the city by the East Gate and make your way into the small fishing village. Triss will try and stop you. Tell her you’re doing it for the money. You'll meet Cedric atop the lookout platform. Ask him about the Kayran.

Cedric's directions will send you and Triss toward some old ruins. The area is inhabited by Nekkers so be sure to equip your Silver Sword. Avoid getting surrounded and you should be ok. Descend the cliffs into the marsh and search for the Mucus Triss will examine it and tell you about it's toxicity.

Go see Cedric about some information on Ostmurk, a key ingredient in the Mongoose potion. He'll direct you to a cave. Search there, wary of the many Drowners and Nekkers inside. Use your Aard sign for crowd control and your Quen sign to protect your back. The final monster in this dungeon has a nasty habit of exploding after receiving his death blow. Back away as soon as you see his life bar depleted.

Meditate and use Alchemy to create a Mongoose Potion. You are now ready to take on the Kayran. Return to Sire above the Inn and tell her all is ready. Just before descending to the Kayran's lair, drink the Mongoose potion. Then climb down the cliffs and face the beast Sire will electrify the water, forcing the Kayran to the surface and holding it partly in place.

The moment the cut scene ends, roll-dodge left to avoid crushing tentacles. Your first target are the four smaller tentacles of the Kayden, two on the left side of its body and two on its right. Use Yrden to set a trap, stand nearby to lure an attack and then roll away when you see a smashing tentacle coming. When it becomes trapped by the Sign, rush up and use strong sword blows to attack the bulge halfway down the tentacle. Dissect each of the four small tentacles this way. Alternate between Yrden Signs for traps and Quen Signs to deflect unlucky blows.

Stay away from the Kayden's mouth. It spits an entangling mucus If you do get caught, press the spacebar repeatedly to escape and roll away before you are crushed. After removing the small tentacles, the Kayden will sweep you up with one of it's larger arms. Stab it repeatedly with the mouse button. After landing, a ruined wall will fall and pin it. Head left dodging boulders and using Quen for defense. Climb the fallen section of wall and you will automatically grenade the fallen beast. Job done.

After killing the Kayden, Sire will begin to loot the body. Don't let her have all the fun. Search the corpse for rare and powerful components, and then return to town and see the merchant for your cash reward. Return to town, meditate until midnight and then go see the Commandant You'll meet Roche there. In the courtyard you'll see a Ballista. Bribe the prostitute near the wall to distract the guard, then walk over and sabotage it. Go talk to Roche again and try to get into the house. You'll be told to wait.

Talk to Roche and then sneak around the corner of the house. Avoid guards by staying out of their line-of-sight. Sneak up behind each and knock them out with the Space Bar. There are five in all. Climb walls to bypass locked doors. After knocking out all five guards, climb into the inner courtyard and loot the many chests and boxes hidden inside.

Afterward, climb the ladder near the house window where you saw Sire peek out earlier. Look in and catch the conversation. Then return to Roche without being seen bu on-duty guards, Go to the house door again. You'll be admitted but Roche won't. Keep the conversation diplomatic with the Commandant Try not to insult him, suggest he could treat the non-humans better, don't call him a racist, ask about the barge, and when asked about Iorveth say you'll see what you can do.

You'll meet Triss outside the gate. Follow her to the barge. Bluff your way in, go below decks and rapid-tap to help Triss heal Ciarin. Question him about the assassin. You'll learn his name is Letho. Ask why Letho betrayed Iorveth.

Ask Triss to join you in the search for the Rose of Memory. Follow her to the ruin. When given the chance, give her a rose. You'll be accosted by thugs soon after. Dispatch them. You'll save Triss then fall through the floor. If you're feeling frisky, suggest a bath.

Afterward, talk with Triss about the future. Tell her you don't want to lose her, then point out that you can't just leave and that you have to clear your name first. Roche will soon join you. Leave through the nearby tunnels. Return to town and talk with Zoltan at the Inn again. He'll lead you to meet Iorveth. You'll first meet a number of elves in a clearing. They'll direct you to a second location. An Arachas will attack you there. Shield yourself, stay focused on its head and dodge when it charges.

Tell Iorveth about Letho's treachery. Learn about his cause and connection to the Kingslayer, then ask what he will do with Letho. Go along with the plan. Escort Iorveth to the Kingslayer. Ask about his motivation and companions. Point out you don't have to fight. When Roche's men attack, throw Iorveth a sword.

After falling through the floor, immediately use Quen. Pummel Letho, then jump back and use Yrden to offset his speed. Lure him into immobilizing traps then pummel and duck away. After he loses part of his life he'll leave you.

Run back to the ground floor of the Flotsam Inn. Charm any mobs you encounter, collect Dandelion and head upstairs to Sire's room. Search for clues, find the peephole and go next door and talk with the prostitutes.

Step outside and immediately drink a Cat Potion. Follow the trail of blood left through the gate, outside the walls and into the forest. It will split several times. When you come to a dead body in the woods you are close, but keep looking nearby. There's another blood path on the edge of your vision. Follow it and Comfort Cedric in his last moments.

Talk with your friends and choose sat you need to talk with both parties. Then go back to the elven baths and talk with Iorveth. Throw in with him and enlist his aid in finding Triss. Follow his plan to attack the barge. Travel with his party through the woods, descend the cliffs and take the ship in a frontal assault. By now your experience should be enough that few guards present little trouble.

After the boat disembarks you'll automatically jump back to shore. Let the Commandant escape and instead move very quickly to the burning building. Kill any defenders as fast as possible. Get inside, climb quickly to the top and release the girls by button-mashing. It's a good idea to start with the girl farthest from the stairs, otherwise you may accidentally descend back into the flames and perish. Jump out the window and escape with Iorveth.

If you choose to join Roche, run to his quarters at the Flotsam Inn. Roche will inform you that the Commandant must be eliminated. He'll also mention a spy in Roche's company who should be taken alive. Vez will enter the house in disguise and open a window for you.

Sneak into the courtyard. The spy will apoproach with a torch. Wait until he turns, then knock out the spy from behind and cross the courtyard without being seen. Climb around the gate to the inner court. A prostitute is waiting there.

Ask the girl about Vez. You'll learn that she has been taken prisoner. Sneak into the house and stun the guards from behind. Infiltrate the basement to get the upper floor access key from the Commandant’s mother.

The mean old lady will throw powdered narcotics into your eyes and charge you with a knife. QTE your way to safety, and search her body for the key you need. You'll be disoriented for a while by the drugs. Head upstairs, killing any sleeping guards you encounter.

On the second floor you'll encounter a cadre of thugs in Roche's office. Use doorways to bottleneck guards and beat them off with your sword and Aard sights. Loot the room and head for the third floor.

The Commandant is strong but slow. Parry his blows and keep him pressed against the wall with quick strikes and Aard signs. He's an easy fight.

In the next room you'll find an elven woman giving birth. Head downstairs and kill the guards in the corridors. Yrden and Quen serve you well here. Make your way outside and join the melee in the courtyard.

After the cut-scene, join Roche and Vez on the Percival. Leave the baby with the elves and chapter 1 will be completed. Now you choose your path.