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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Roche''s Path - Chapter 2

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This alternate playthrough describes events which take place if you choose to accompany Roche rather than Iorveth at the end of Chapter 1. After dealing with the Commandant and leaving Flotsam, you arrive outside Henselt's camp. As Roche negotiates with the guards, you will become aware that something supernatural is taking place and speed off toward the battlefield. You'll arrive just in time to save the king from Wraiths. Dethmold the sorcerer will create a protective spell around you. Escort him through the mist, fighting off the Wraiths that occasionally bind him. Stay inside the circle of light or you'll take instant damage. Charm the Corporal into allowing you to see the king immediately. Outside Henselt's tent you'll meet a Nilfgaardian ambassador. He's immune to mind control, but he'll provide a little background information. When you see the king, tell him you want justice. Answer yes when offered the chance, and tell him you'll manage the situation. Ask everything you can about the curse. Then go see Dethmold. Tell him you want to get to work. Ask him about the non-aggressive wraiths, then about lifting curses and the nature of blood curses. Tell him you don't have time to read. Learn everything you can. When he mentions your memory, ask him how he knows about it. Then talk to Sile and learn what she knows.

"Before going further, visit the laconic craftsman and make yourself a Robust Silver Sword.

"Several men in camp are searching for their drunken friend Odrin. You'll find him down the beach from the seaside gate. Carry him back to camp and bribe the guard to let him in. Drag him to all three of his friends. They'll reveal an important secret over beer at the canteen. Ask what would happen if all the ants got together, and tell them you need some information.

"Go to the brothel. Talk with Dandelion, then ask the Madame for a whore. Select Whistling Wendy, and tell her you want her smile to part the gates of paradise. She'll lead you to a secret chamber.

"The chief conspirator is wearing Seltkirk's Armor. Relieve him of it. During the fight, keep your distance from him until you've killed his cronies. The armor makes him tough, and they'll take you from behind while you engage him if you don't dispatch them first. Go find Dandelion in town. Confront him about the propaganda, but keep his secret. Then go see Dethmold. Tell him you found the conspirators and ask about a reward. Tell him you don't want coin. Then ask more about the curse.

"Proceed outside the camp's front gate and make toward the ravines in the hills to your right. You'll soon find the execution site. Thoroughly investigate. Take a nail. Talk with the soldiers, agree to escort them, find out about the battle and don't give your nail away to them.

"Go talk with the Corporal near the gate and tell him you found his missing men. Ask him about everything, learning all you can about the Dun Banner, Brenna and Verden. Take his hat when he offers. If you insult him, apologize, agree that what you said was dumb and that you could never understand.

"Go to Dethmold and get the Diagram and Magic Dust you need. Tell him it's for the king. Also ask about the conspiracy.

"Go see the Relic Dealer in camp. He won't be much help, so visit the Visionary. On the way you'll rescue soldiers under attack by monsters. Take their note to the Visionary. Bribe him, learn all you can including the location of the Spearhead, and go back to the Relic Dealer. He'll tell you he lost the Spear in a dice game to a dwarf. Go back to Dethmold for a White Flag and protective Talisman, then head toward the mist. Zoltan will meet you at the gate. Offer him vodka and take him along with you.

"Cross the mist, fighting Wrath Knights along the way. It's a fairly straight line out the main camp gate to the edge of the mist near Verden. When you see this tower you'll know you are close. Once across, pass the Squirrels and make you way into the city. Be friendly and inquisitive with the dwarves about Saskia and the Dun Banner. Play Dice Poker, making small bets until you win the Spear.

"Retrieve the Banner first. Exit out the small Old Gate. Ford the river, fight off the bandits and enter the ruins. Cross the first underground bridge, turn left and cross the next bridge to your left. Enter the tombs, go right and blast the wall out with Aard. You'l lmeet a ghost behind the wall. Tell him that you are of the Dun Banner. When he questions you, answer: 1. that he got it wrong, 2. that Coehorn commanded Nilfgaard, 3. that Coehoorn is dead, 4. that Vandergrift and Seitkirk commanded at Verden, and 5. that a priest led you to safety. They ghost will grant you the Banner and the Sword of the Dun Banner. Leave the Corporal's cap after you take these.

"Exit the tombs and follow your mini-map to the nearby mines. Fight through the Necrophages to reach Zoltan and Saskia. Be honest with her about your intentions. She'll give you the relic you need.

"Recross the battlefield. Make for the main gate of Henselt's camp. When you encounter the palisade, turn left. The mist's exit is nearby.

"When you emerge from the mist you'll find Roche, who will tell you about Triss. Race through the camp to the beach. You'll be too late to save her.

"Go see Henselt about the ritual. You'll accompany the king to the execution site. Walk up the hill with him and explain that he must draw the diagram.

"Use Dethmold's note to direct the king in drawing the diagram as shown above. Note that the sigil begins and ends at the Faerie Ring.

"Walk into the circle, ignite the Powder with Igni and fight off the Wraiths until Henselt completes the spell. Afterward, tell him he has Saskia to thank. Return to camp. Argue in favor of Anais, but admit that she's a bastard.

"Assassins will interrupt your conversation. Defeat them to save the king. When asked about Sile, tell the king that's not your concern.

"Buy the formula for Gadwall from the doctor. Create a potion, then go see Dethmold and ask about the ritual. Drink the potion immediately before entering the assassin's memory.

"Avoid paths in the dream that lead to mist. Follow your companion into the locked cave door, and stay behind him to avoid the bear traps on the floor. Watch the scene with Letho. Tell Dethmold you know the location of the assassin.

"Head toward the ravines. Stop at the old cabin near your destination. Use Aard on the barrels outside and enter the secret room beneath. Light candles under the bone diagrams starting with the head and ending at the tail. A secret door will open. Take the notes.

"Proceed to the hideout. Use a Cat potion or your Medallion to avoid the traps. When you find the Golem, use Yrden stun him and roll out of the way of his charges. Learn the identity of the plotter from the dying assassin. Return to camp and show Dethmold the notes. Do not sell them to him. Then tell him you're ready to lift the curse.

"Enter the mist. Your first task will be to battle the standard-bearer of the Dun Banner as an Aerdinian soldier. You'll be slower than normal, so use your light attack and parry rather than dodging. You'll then assume the identity of a member of the banner. Run straight back to your lines, weaving to avoid palisades. Inform the visitor of your plight. You'll then become Seltkirk. Use heavy blows and blocks to defeat the knights. Return to Geralt's form and convince Seltkirk to stand aside.

"When you fight the Visitor, use Quen and wear down his shield. Run away from him and into the open whenever he summons arrows or trebuchet volleys to the field. Keep Quen charged. He's fairly easy to wear down. Then assume the role of the Priest and lead the Dun survivors to the edge of the mist.

After you emerge from the mist Dandelion will inform you of the plot against Henselt. Urge Dandelion to flee. Head to the cabin and speak with Roche.

"Race back to the Blue Stripes' camp. Fight the knights waiting there, talk to the prostitute and rush into the main camp. You'll face a lot of soldiers here, so be ready. Chare up with potions and equip bombs if necessary.

"You'll find the male members of the Blue Stripes hung and Vez traumatized in a tent on the edge of camp. Convince Roche to return with you through the ravines.

"You'll meet a she-troll on the way. Tell her you're just passing through. Be polite and you'll learn some things. Proceed down the path. Rescue her husband. Tell him his wife is fine. Enter the caverns. Use your map to make you way toward the door inside Verden. You'll find plenty of Mercenaries and Necrophages.

"You'll encountera platoon of soldiers and Dethmold near the door. Disperse the soldiers and wound Dethmold. Rush him when he teleports to prevent spell-casting. He'll eventually escape.

"Spare Adam when given the chance. He'll give you something useful. Make your way into town and talk to Zoltan. Tell him you're after Sile. Rush toward Philippa's house across the bridge. You'll be seperated from Roche. Double back and help Iorveth at the Castle of Three Fathers. Then find another way to Philippa's house.

"Fight the Golem using Yrden and Quen. Be sure you corner him, not the other way around.

"Enter Philippa's house. Sile will escape just as you arrive.

"You'll be attacked by Henselt's guard. Cut them down. The king is no match for a Witcher's speed. Wound him.

"Roche will arrive. Allow him to kill Henselt.

"The chapter end with you and Roche making your way to Loc Munne, swearing to keep the assassination a secret.