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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Iorverth''s Path - Chapter 3

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"Iorveth will lead you toward the city. Harpies will attack. He'll then suggest a hidden tunnel under the walls. Follow him there. The creatures below present little challenge at your current power level, with the exception of an Arachas. Defeat him the same way you did the Arachas in Chapter 1, with stunning techniques and rapid attacks to the head.

"After emerging from the city you'll be assailed by Gargoyles. Use Quen to protect yourself. If your focus is swordplay, lure them into a Chain Finisher. If you use magic, pummel them from a distance.

"Once you enter the city you'll learn Philippa is in the dungeon. Don’t volunteer to get arrested. Instead, go looking for the sewer entrance. Head toward the town square. You'll encounter bounty hunters along the way. Avoid camps or you'll be overwhelmed by soldiers. If you find yourself facing impossible odds, run. They won't pursue far.

"In the town square you'll encounter a cave that appears to be the sewer entrance you're looking for. Don't be fooled. Look for this inconspicuous unlocked door. It will take you where you need to go.

"More of the usual subterranean beasts await in the tunnels. Navigation is fairly linear, and you'll have little problem with the Necrophages at this point.

"Philippa awaits in the dungeon. Watch her cut-scene, then intervene and attack. After defeating the guards and Shilard, talk with Philippa.

"Learn what you need from her, but don't mention Iorveth. Tell her Triss is in danger if you help her.

"She'll plead for her life, offering to release Saskia from the spell. Refuse, telling her you must find Triss.

"Use Shilard as a human shield. He'll get you as far as the Nilfgaardian camp before his own men shoot through him to get to you.

"Nilfgaardian soldiers are faster, stronger and tougher than others any you have faced so far. Do not let yourself get surrounded. Concentrate your blows and use your superior speed in evasive rolls. Quen and Yrden will both serve you well. If you're playing a as Swordsman, they're vulnerable to chain finishers.

"Peruse them when they retreat, finding a way around the left side of the wall they've gathered behind. When they attack you in the moat, keep moving to avoid being overwhelmed. Chase them into the camp. Knights will attack first, followed by shield bearers. When you face their commander, demand Triss' release. Ask questions but don't give him the satisfaction of thinking you believe him. Then cut him down.

"You'll find Triss in the dungeon, battered but alive. Ask questions, but assure her you believe her.

"Mention it's a pity you didn't know what was happening.

"Tell her you don't want to lose her again. You'll then make your way topside and separate briefly.

"Make your way to the arena. The soldier at the gate will tell you about the coronation. Make your way through the courtyard. Fight the guards and enter the coliseum

"A web of intrigue will play itself out in the cut-scene. At the appropriate moment, Saskia will swoop down, kill the guards and rescue Sile. She’ll then fly to the top of a nearby tower. Pursue her.

"While climbing the tower stairs, be patient. When a hole opens in the wall, stand well away guarded by Quen and wait for the dragonfire to pass, then rush forward.

"You'll converse with Sile about what happened. She'll tell you you're going to die by dragonfire. when she tries to teleport away, a sabotaged diamond in her array will threaten her life. Disable it. She'll share valuable information before escaping.

"Fighting Saskia is about keeping nimble. She telegraphs most of her attacks. Roll out of the way of her fire, run in for a couple of licks, roll back to avoid her lunges, dodge her fire and repeat. Aard hurts her a little. Quen is essential to avoid immolation.

"Midway through the fight you'll climb to the top of the ruined tower. Saskia will lunge as before, spray fire and whip her tail. Avoid the first two attacks as before and the tail whip by rolling as far from the tail as possible. When she begins sweeping down, dodge aside. Stay toward the middle of the tower as much as possible.

"When Saskia's health is low, a cut-scene will begin. Geralt will leap onto her head with his sword, and force her head up with a hook. Saskia will crash, impaling herself on a fallen tree. You'll be given a quick choice of whether to kill her or leave her. Be merciful and finish her off. Chapter 3 of Iorveth's path is now over.