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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough Prologue

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You'll begin the game under interrogation. Shake hands with Roche when offered the chance. Start your story with the events of the morning. You'll enter a flashback sequence with Triss. When she asks you about the king, reply that "All wars are unwise." Then ask her about the dragon, the dream, and the assassin.

When you leave the cut-scene, use your Medallion to search the room and grab the Orin's hidden nearby. Head outside, periodically searching with your Medallion to find Herbs at both the top and bottom of the hill. Talk to the soldier standing at the bottom of the hill. Get the news first, then remind him that he owes you money.

Bypass the artillery for a moment and proceed to the exercise yard. Meet the arm wrestler and look around the corner of the tents to find the gambler and a chest with some goodies. You'll also find some Herbs in the far corner of the yard. Tear down the training dummies for a few XP and proceed up the path toward the ballista.

At the top of the hill you'll meet King Foltest. When he draws you into the conversation, tell him he wasn't polite, and then reveal that the assassin may have been a Witcher. He'll ask your help in sighting the ballista. Draw a bead on the figure on the

You'll return to the interrogation room. Continue the story from the place you left off. You'll flash back to the castle and encounter a fortified keep. Descend to the courtyard and approach the ballista. Crossbowmen are lurking on either side of the barr

After firing the ballista at the tower, search the courtyard for loot, then make your way to the stairs leading up to the tower. Join the king and kill the guards. Don't let enemies get behind you. Quen is useful protection in the tight quarters on the wa

Infiltrate the keep as ordered. When you reach the top of the tower, don't bother wasting your potions on combat. Instead, talk with Aryan La Valette. Ask him to surrender, and when he defies you, call him a fool and tell him to drop his sword. He will comply.

You'll flash forward to Roche's investigation again. Ask about the dragon. You'll flash back to the attack on the castle. Move into the left corridor to avoid incineration. Use Quen as armor and kill the guards. Make your way through the narrow corridor a

Once the ballista chases the dragon away, the king will then call upon you to find the hidden path to the monastery. Agree immediately and make your way down the hill away from the gate. Open all unlocked doors nearby and loot the rooms. Near the prisoners you'll find a wooden wall that you can blast open with Aard.

Beyond the newly-created door you'll face several soldiers. Kill them, then search the clearing around the well and gather Herbs. Bypass the well for a moment and search the room behind unlocked door, then follow the sounds of combat to the surrounded soldier. Kill his attackers and loot the nearby unlocked room. Then return to the well and descend.

Below the ground you'll find a Drowner or two. Switch to your Silver Sword. Loot the monsters you kill and the soldier's corpse. There's a Circle of Life hidden in the small chamber nearby.

Proceed down the main corridor. There is a Temerian sword accessible by using Aard on the bricked up archway. Continue the main path and use Aard to clear the wooden door. There is a large chamber beyond. Defeat the Drowner and open the steel door. You'll find a locked door beyond this...ignore it and instead head up the nearby ladder.

Switch to your Steel Sword. Loot the nearby boxes and bags. You'll spot some elves near a boat through the gap in the wall. Ignore them for now. Ascend the stairs wary of and ambush on your right. Loot the room and continue up through the unlocked stairwe

Kill the guards inside the antechamber, then fight your way into the main courtyard. Defeat the guards, get the key and loot the area. Return to the antechamber and open the gate.

Slap Tailes during the next cut-scene. Search the temple, then head outside with the king. Dodge the dragon's attacks QTE style and make your way into the Solar. Search and loot, then head upstairs. Watch the cut-scene and then flash forward to the interv

Provoke the guards and tell them those are brave words for someone on the other side of the bars. Fight the second guard QTE style, then loot his body. Grab the blackjack outside the cell, and sneak up the stairs. Extinguish torches and use your signs and the concealment of darkness to proceed through the dungeon. Kill the guards and collect necessary keys. Proceed until you find Aryan. Tell him that you don't know about his mother.

Clear the storage room of guards, loot the area and then return for Aryan. Escort him to the oil barrels. He'll show you a secret exit.

Aryan will stay behind and incinerate himself. Head down the secret tunnel. A cave in will soon seal the way behind you. Claim a sword from the weapons rack you find and exit the tunnel.

Once outside the castle, search the dock for loot with your Medallion. You'll find a few useful things in crates and a chest. Fight of the guards and follow Triss to the ship. When the cut scene begins, tell her you'll clear your names.