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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Invert

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5.1 A new character! This is James, he is special in that regard that he is upside down; the "floor" is his "ceiling" and vice versa. Otherwise he is exactly the same as Thomas.

Move to the right

and jump on these small blocks to get over to the other side.

Keep on going towards the right side of the screen.

This level has the purpose of the player getting a feeling for the inverted James.

Continue going to the right and move through the respawn zone.

Avoid the spikes and get to the boxes, jump carefully

and you will reach the end.

5.2 There is only James.

Activate the button to the right and stand still.

The block will now move and wait until it stops.

Press the button which appeared on the right side

and get back on the block, now a white button will appear on the top of it.

Activate it

and get onto the block quickly because it will not come back.

The block will move to the left, wait for it to stand still

and hit the next button.

Get on the bottom of the block again and wait

until you can enter the exit.

5.3 James will fall down to the ceiling.

The platforms will move up and down to push James into the spikes. The 1st one is easy, just go when it allows James to.

The same goes for the 2nd.

The 3rd is a bit more difficult, you have to jump over it when it moves up, leaving you more time to pass it.

After that finish the level.

5.4 You have James and Thomas, but Thomas doesn't play a big role in this level.

You have to get James down by using the small projections.

It might take some time and if you have trouble doing so, try to start with James from the edges.

Once you've done that, enter the exit with James

and Thomas.

5.5 There is James and Thomas.

Activate the button with James, after that jump with Thomas up the staircase

to activate the next button.

Then jump with James down the staircase to activate the button once again

and finish the level.

5.6 James and Thomas are in this level.

Move James to the exit, then get Thomas on top of the same block.

Now move James so Thomas will stand on James and vice versa.

Jump with Thomas several times to get up the next block.

Make them stand against each other once more

and move to the left, move slightly with Thomas, switch to James and repeat that until you are close enough to the exit.

Finally, move James to his exit.

5.7 Thomas and James don't require to work together in this level.

Just jump and move to the left with both characters since both sides are the same, you play the level, once with Thomas and inverted with James.

Keep on progressing through and leap to the moving block to progress.

Get through the respawn zone, go to the left

and finish the level.

5.8 The characters of this level are Thomas and James.

Move Thomas up

until he can't get to the top anymore.

Get James up by using the platform on the left, when he's at the top

jump down to Thomas

and jump with Thomas on top of James so they should stand against each other.

And jump with Thomas so James will "fall" up, putting Thomas in a higher position.

Do that once more

to get both of them up.

After you've done that, move to the right through the respawn zone and make them stand against each other.

Then jump with James to go down, then move to the right

and progress with both of them.

Let Thomas stand against James

and jump with James to get him down.

After that you should be able to finish the level.

5.9 James and Thomas don't need to work together.

You can move Thomas through the 1st one,

but James has to jump over the 2nd spike block.

Avoid the the spike blocks and get to the respawn zone.

Jump between those spikes when there is an opening,

progress further to the left

amd enter the exits.

5.10 There is James and Thomas. Move them to the projection on the left.

Arrange them and

move to the right, once you see the respawn zone

jump with James a couple times to get to the same height.

Move through it and then jump with Thomas to get higher

to reach the exits.