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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Associations

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3.1 You have a new character, Laura. Just use Chris and Laura to activate the button, so the other one can progress and activate the next button.

They don't interact so just keep going to the right.

Then finish the level.

3.2 You have Chris and Laura.

Move Laura to her exit

and jump with Chris on top of Laura, he will now bounce high. Just get him under the exit and finish the level.

3.3 You have Chris and Laura.

Move Laura to the right and jump with Chris on Laura, he now can reach and activate the button.

It will go down and you'll be able to get further to the right with Laura. Repeat and get up

to press the next button.

The platform will lower and you can align Laura to her exit. Then jump with Chris on Laura once again and get Chris to his exit.

3.4 There is Chris and Laura.

Jump with Chris up and move Laura to the gap so Chris can use it to get up.

Now jump up with Laura

and jump with Chris through the hole and activate the button.

Move Laura to the right and wait for the platform, after that jump on the platform with Laura

and get up.

Move Chris to the right

and use Laura to help Chris get to the higher block.

Finally, enter the exits.

3.5. The characters are Chris and Laura.

Move both to the right

and use Chris to boost Laura up.

Now jump with Chris from block to block

Laura can just walk over them.

Go to the right and move to the exits. Place Laura first and then jump with Chris on top of Laura to finish the level.

3.6 You've got Chris, Laura, Thomas and John.

Use John to activate the button. The other 3 will now fall down.

"Switch to Thomas

and activate the next button.

Switch to Chris

and activate the button.

Get back to Chris once more

and activate the button on the left.

Finish the level, start with John.

3.7 There is Chris, Laura and John.

Move Laura to the right

and jump on Laura to activate the button.

Repeat that until every button is activated.

Switch to Chris

and get him to the exit.

Move Laura and John to the right, then use John to carry Laura to the exit.

Then get John to his exit.

3.8 The characters for this level are Chris, Laura, Thomas and John.

Move every character to this position.

And jump to the other platform when they are on the same level.

And leap to the left once more.

Now you can reach the top, repeat that with every other character.

Create a staircase and get every character up in this order: Laura, Chris, Thomas, John. Thomas and John are able to get up without help though.

Use John to jump up to the platform and activate the button.

Now leap all of them to the right.

After you've done that

Align them correctly, it might take a while until they are all in the exit at the same time.

3.9 You have Chris, Laura, Thomas, John and Claire.

Switch to Thomas and activate the button.

Leap with Thomas back on top of Claire quickly or he will drown.

Boost Chris up on Thomas and jump on Laura so he can reach the next button.

Now get Laura and Chris on Claire.

Switch to John

and jump up to activate the button.

The water will rise, now you have to get John, Thomas and Chris to the higher position.

Put Chris on John with Thomas' help and put Laura on Claire while Claire is in the water. Jump out of the water with Claire and Laura should stay on top of Claire.

Just jump with Chris

and Thomas up on Laura to get up.

In the end, move Claire and Laura to the left to their exits.

3.10 There is Chris, Laura, Thomas, John and Claire.

Activate the button.

Boost Laura up to the right platform with Thomas' help, watch out for the spiky block.

Jump with Chris onto Laura

And leap with Chris towards the exit.

Jump with John, he doesn't need any platforms. Move Laura so Claire can get on the platform.

Align her to the exit then.

Use Thomas to boost Laura up the left platform, watchout for the spikes.

After that get Laura to her exit.

Finally, jump with Thomas to the top using the platforms and finish the level.