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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Array

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1.1 You now have to control Thomas (red rectangle) and Chris (orange square). To switch between them, press Q or E or the number keys on the keyboard. At the right bottom is a colour coding, in this case T

Jump with Thomas over the block

and help Chris

to get to his exit.

1.2 Start with Chris, jump over the water pools

to the staircase

after that leave Chris there and switch to Thomas.

Now get Thomas there, just jump

depending on where you are, to the left or right

and keep going up

until you reach

the top. Now go with Thomas to the left

and boost Chris up.

Now move Chris to the right

and go down until you reach the exit.

Switch to Thomas, jump over the water pools and get to the exit.

1.3 Move Chris to the right

and activate the button by jumping on it.

Now just boost Chris with Thomas

and keep doing it the same way

til you can reach the exit.

1.4 Move Thomas and Chris to the right

and use Chris

to help Thomas so Thomas can get to the button.

Once you did that the ground will be pulled back, move down.

After that both don't need the help from the other,

so move Thomas to the left.

Jump from block

to block with Thomas

and get to the exit

Now move Chris to the right

and do the same as Thomas

til you get to the exit.

1.5 Move Thomas to the right

and leap over to the platform to activate the button.

The platform will then start moving, switch to Chris and jump with him onto the platform.

Then get Chris and Thomas over the water,

after that move Thomas close to the edge so Chris can jump on him.

Then get Chris over the hole, at this point Chris can get to the exit by himself.

Jump over to the platforms

and the rest is just moving

and jumping to the right.

Align Chris to the exit afterwards.

Jump up the staircase with Thomas

and wait for the platform to get closer until it stands still.

Jump on it and wait til it moves to the right.

You can jump on the other platform or jump straight to the respawn zone then.

These platforms are larger, but move a bit faster so be patient and jump on it when it stands still.

Leap to the next one

and leap back to firm ground.

Now just get down and move Thomas to the exit.

1.6 Here is our 3rd character, John (yellow big rectangle). He can jump very high and very far, but his size has its disadvantages. In this level you have to align them like the exit.

Move Thomas so Chris can use him as a staircase

so Chris can get up on John.

Now move Chris SLIGHTLY to the right so there is a bit space.

Jump with Thomas on John so Chris and Thomas are on John at the same time

and now jump with Chris on top of Thomas.

After that switch to John and move him, Thomas and Chris will stay in the same position.

1.7 Move John to the right

into the hole in the ground.

Now move Thomas and Chris to the right, use Thomas as a staircase to get Chris over

and align them to the exit.

Now just jump with John out and go to the left

to the exit.

1.8 Jump with John to the left

and keep going to the left over the water

to the stairs

to get to the button.

Once you activated it,

stairs and

platforms will appear.

"Move Thomas and Chris over to the stairs.

Now climb the stairs with Thomas and Chris

and boost Chris with Thomas' help whenever he can't climb the staircaise by himself.

Repeat that

multiple times until

Thomas, Chris and John are at the top. Then fall down the deep hole with all of them.

Jump and move John to the right

Now move Thomas and John down the hole,

Move Thomas and Chris to the right

and use Thomas to boost Chris.

After that use Thomas so Chris can jump into the hole

and move through it towards the exit.

Now use John to boost Thomas up

and go with all of them to the exit.

1.9 Move John to the right

"and jump with him on top of Thomas.

Activate the button.

Now gaps will open,

let John fall down

and get Chris and Thomas through the other gap.

Jump with Chris on Thomas

then on John

Move John and Chris so there will be space for Thomas to jump on John

And jump with Chris to Thomas to the other side.

Boost Chris up on top of Thomas

and repeat that.

Now get Thomas on top of John, you can now use Thomas and John as a platform, so you jump with Chris onto Thomas and then to the right or you can move John to the very left of the hole with Thomas on top of him, move Chris on Thomas and then move John to the very right of the hole so Chris can make that jump.

Use the "standard" staircase with Thomas and John to get Chris up

and then jump with Thomasto get Chris up.

Now create the staircase once again and wait for the platform to come down

so Chris can leap on it.

now you just have to get Thomas and John on the platform, create a staircase again

and wait for the platform to reach its maximum height

so Chris can jump from one platform to the other one.

Now move Chris up

and get John and Thomas up there too. It shouldn't be too hard since John and Thomas have a decent jump height.

Create a staircase and get Chris up.

Get Thomas to boost Chris

and get Thomas and John up

make a staircase with John and Thomas once again.

Jump up with Chris

and get Chris on top of Thomas.

Use John and Chris will be able

to leap and move to the exit.

Do the same with Thomas and John.

1.10 Leave out Thomas for now, the hardest part is probably getting Chris to the other side.

Move John to the right

and align him as close as possible to the ledge.

Now leap with Chris on top of John

and move John close to the platform.

Jump with Chris onto the platform and move him close to the edge, repeat that until Chris has crossed all platforms.

Now that Chris is through, the level is mostly done.

Move Chris through the hole down

and jump to the left.

Finally, get Chris to the exit.

Switch to Thomas.

Jump with Thomas on John,

then jump on the platform.

Leap with Thomas to right side

and now to the left side. Make sure that John and Chris are aligned to the exits.

If you did that, just let Thomas fall down to get to the next level.