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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Origin

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2.1 A new character! Claire (blue) is a big square, but she has an interesting mechanic.

Claire will just fall down

and that continues

until the entire ground is gone.

She can swim! After that just wait a moment and the exit will spawn in the middle

as shown here.

2.2 You control John and Claire.

Jump with Claire onto the block.

Position John close to Claire.

Leap with Claire on top of John.

Move John to the right so Claire can jump up.

Jump with Claire up.

Now jump with John on top of Claire.

Move Claire to the right, she can't fall into the water.

To finish the level get John into the gap and Claire to the fitting exit.

2.3 In this level you have to get the quadrangles on one site to the other site.

Get Claire into the water.

Swim Claire close to the edge. You can just move John as he has Thomas and Chris on top of him.

Move the three to the left with Claire's help.

Set them on the exit.

Switch back to Claire

and get her to the exit.

2.4 This level contains only Claire and Thomas.

The water will rise, get Claire to the right

so Thomas can quickly jump up and activate the button.

After pressing the button the water will rise much faster than before. Get Thomas quickly on top of Claire

and switch back to Claire. Now move Claire to the right

then til you got past the first hurdle.

Once you are past it, move to the left.

Get to the middle between the blocks

and go slighty right after that.

Then swim to the left again

Once you are at the top, switch to Thomas and finish the level.

2.5 Start with John.

Put him into the gap and start with Chris to climb up. After that do the same with Claire.

Now do the same for the other stairs until you are at the top.

Get on the "elevator" similar block

and move them all out. Align Chris to his exit

and jump with John on Claire while Claire is in the water.

Move Claire to the right and

finish the level. If John is blocking Claire like here, just jump over Claire.

2.6 The characters in this level are Thomas, Chris, John and Claire.

Move Thomas next to John and use him to boost Claire over John.

Swim with Claire to the left

and press the button. The water wil now sink.

The water will not be completely gone, so swim Claire to the right again.

Now get the others on Claire (how you do it does not matter).

Move Claire to the left

and build a staircase for Chris.

Do it once more

and you can get Thomas, Chris and John to their exits.

Finally, get Claire to the right again to finish the level.

2.7 You have Thomas, John and Claire.

Get Thomas and John on Claire

and move them close to the platform.

Swim Claire to the right side of the platform and repeat that until you got to the other side.

Now just move all of them

down the hole.

You need to go left with all of them, all of them can go for themselves to the exits.

Now get Thomas and John to the exits on the very left.

2.8 You have Thomas, John and Claire.

You don't need to use Claire to get Thomas and John to the other side yet as their jumping height and the moving platforms and get them there.

Now just move all of them to the right, if you use platforms or Claire doesn't matter.

Now do the same

til you get to the

respawn zone.

Get Thomas and John on Claire

and move them to the right.

When they are on the side, there will be 2 platforms.

John can jump over the water.

Thomas can use the platforms.

The same goes for Claire.

Get Thomas and John on top of Claire and finish the level.

2.9 Move Claire to the right

and jump up, then go to the right again.

Leap over the spikes to the other side, if you have problems remember that only a few pixels need to be on the ground so you can put the most part of Claire's square over the edge.

Climb these stairs.

and jump on the platform when it's low.

Jump up

through the respawn zone

Now you have to fall without going to the left and right, the new respawn zone should help you if you have trouble falling down without dying to the spikes.

At the end, go to the exit.

2.10 This level contains Claire and Thomas, it is the exact same level, but now you have to get Thomas and Claire through.

Progress through the level like you did with Claire and do the same with Thomas.

Just get Thomas on top of Claire and get Thomas to the left.

Just fall down and enter the exits.