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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Design

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7.1 Activate the red button on the left using Thomas.

Boost Thomas with Claire to activate the 2nd red button.

Use Laura to help Claire activating the blue button.

Then use John to activate the yellow button.

Put Laura on top of Claire so Chris can activate the orange button

and align them according to the exits.

7.2 You have all characters: Sarah, James, Thomas, Laura, John, Chris and Claire. The exits will move periodically between 2 positions.

Switch to Sarah

and get to her position.

Align James to this position.

Put Laura on top of Chris and jump with Claire onto Laura, she should now reach her position

Use Chris and Laura so Thomas can jump on the small block

To get to his exit.

Put Laura in the right corner, Chris into the left and

in the end it should look like this.

7.3 You have Claire, John and Sarah.

Move Claire to the left

and use Sarah to activate the button.

Now put John on top of Sarah and jump into the gap.

Move Claire to the left and get John back on top of Claire.

Use Sarah to boost John up the block

and get all of them through the respawn zone.

Move them into the water

And jump with Sarah to activate the button on the left.

Now move them into the exits.

7.4 There is Thomas, Chris and Sarah.

Move the white square with Thomas up the stairs

and put it into the fitting panel.

Progress through and use Sarah to get the square on the other side.

Activate it with Sarah's double jump

and finish the level.

7.5 You have all characters in this level.

Push with James the white square to the right.

Use Sarah to activate the button above it.

Align James to his exit.

Move Sarah onto her exit and use Chris to put the square on the panel.

Activate the next button with Claire

and you should be able to align everyone to their exits.

7.6 You've got Laura and Sarah.

Activate the 1st

and 2nd button using Sarah on Laura.

Progress by using Laura to help Sarah get over the obstacles, then activate the next button

Jump with Sarah to the high position

and activate the button so Laura can progress.

Keep going to the right and finish the level.

7.7 This level is one of the easiest. Just get everyone to their exits

and complete the level.

7.8 You have Sarah, John and James.

Move the white square

and get it over the obstacles.

Push it onto the panel

and activate the button.

Switch to John

and move the white square to the right.

Move it with James to the right when James is in reach of it

and push it onto the panel.

Now finish the level; enter James exit,

John's exit

and Sarah's exit.

7.9 You have all characters.

Start with Claire and activate the button.

Activate the one on the left with Thomas.

Move James towards the left green button and activate it.

Put James into the gap so Claire can activate the 2nd blue button.

Move her to the left.

Move Thomas and James to their exits

and move Claire to the right into the exit.

Align John and Chris

and finally double jump with Sarah

to complete the level.

7.10 Again all characters are in this level.

Start with moving up Thomas

followed by James, Sarah and Chris. Launch Claire on Laura to get her up

and then use Chris to get Laura up.

Switch to Claire and move her to the right.

Continue to the right

and let her fall into the water.

Get all of them to the other side.

Move all of them to the right

and align them to their exit. To make it easier, start with Thomas, then Chris, Sarah, Claire, Laura and John, James can do the entire level by himself.