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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Generation

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8.1 This character is Grey.

Move with Grey to the left.

Start going to up.

Go to the left once you are at the top and enter the respawn zone.

Jump over the water and continue to go to the right.

Once you go into the blue dashed lines, you will see that Grey has 2 blue lines.

With those, he can swim in water.

Swim to the right and enter the exit.

8.2 There are 2 new characters. Sam (dark grey rectangle) and Jo (light grey square).

Boost Sam with Jo's help to the platform and go to the right with Sam.

Jump with Sam into the blue dashed lines

and activate the button on the very right of the level.

Jump back with Sam and boost Jo.

Move Jo to the right

jump with her into the blue dashed lines

and get her to the exit.

Align Sam to the exit to finish the level.

8.3 You play Grey, but in this level he is inverted just likes James.

Keep falling to the top

Avoid the spikes and progress through the level.

Continue and wait for the platform to progress.

Go on the 2nd platform and enter the next respawn zone.

Jump to the left, go to the right and complete the level.

8.4 It's Jo and Sam again.

Leap with Sam to the left

and back to the right.

Sam has now the properties of Laura and Jo can jump on top of Sam to go to the left side.

Boost Jo with Sam into the blue dashed lines

and jump with Sam into the blue dashed lines once again

so both can swim over to the left.

Enter with both the respawn zone.

Now switch to Sam and go back. Jump into the pink dashed lines and suicide in the water,

you will respawn in the respawn zone and keep your colouring.

Place Jo on the edge and boost Sam so Sam can make the jump to the other side.

Now align Sam to his exit and jump with Jo on him to finish the level.

8.5 You play Paul.

Leap over the platforms to the right.

Jump up the staircase and fall down into the hole.

After going through the respawn zone, jump to the left.

Then jump again into the blue dashed lines

to be able to swim. Swim to the left

and go down.

Enter the exit and finish the level.

8.6 The characters of this level are Grey and Paul.

Jump with Grey up to get the pink colouring.

Go up through the gap.

Now move to the right

and activate the button.

Jump with Paul on top of Grey

so Paul will be able to reach his exit.

Jump up with Grey

and enter his exit to complete this level.

8.7 This level contains Sam and Jo.

Boost Sam to colour Sam.

Boost Jo on top of Sam so Jo gets the same colouring.

Boost Sam on top of Jo to the right sight

so he can swim.

Now transport Jo with Sam's swimming ability over the water into the respawn zone.

Boost Jo so Jo can swim to the right side,

Sam can jump by himself into the blue dashed areas.

Once both are on the other side, activate the button by jumping with Sam on Jo.

Now boost Jo through the newly opened gap

and jump with Sam through it to complete the level.

8.8 Grey is the only character in this level.

Jump with him up, once you reach the purple dashed lines, he will get Sarah's ability: double jumps.

Continue going up.

Jump up through the blue dashed lines and through the respawn zone.

Swim to the right

and get on the platform with the pink dashed lines.

Jump into the purple dashed lines

and jump as soon as possible again once you are coloured purple. Land on the small spot on the right

and double jump from there to the exit on the top right.

8.9 The character in this level is Paul.

Go to the left and jump from here

to the left.

Continue going towards the left

then climb up the stairs and jump from the 2 small blocks in the air into the blue dashed area.

Now get in the water and swim to the right.

Climb up those blocks

and climb up.

Fall down into the purple dashed lines

and jump immeadiately to the right once Paul is purple.

Jump to the exit.

8.10 You have Grey, Jo and Sam.

Boost Grey on top of Sam

and jump to the left once Grey is purple.

Jump to the right with Grey

and over to the left side.

Fall down and activate the button.

Jump back with Grey

to Sam and Jo.

Switch to Jo to activate the button

Align Sam to his exit

and jump with Grey on Sam, then into his exit.