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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Itterate

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6.1 Thomas, James and Sarah.

Activate the button in the middle with Sarah.

and then move Thomas to the left, James to the right and finally Sarah into her exit.

6.2 You only control Sarah,

move her to the buttons and activate them.

Activate the next button, the light will highlight their vertical position.

Continue activation every button

Use the small block on the bottom left to reach this one.

Jump onto that one

and enter the appearing exit.

6.3 Thomas, James and Sarah.

Move Thomas up the staircase into his exit.

Switch to James and activate the button

and finish the level.

6.4 Only Sarah is in this level.

Get her up to the top, the platforms will move completely to the left and right so be sure to use the double jump.

Keep going higher

and higher

til the exit is in Sarah's reach.

6.5 Thomas, James and Sarah.

Move Sarah through the small spike gap.

Activate the button, then you can move James

to his exit on the left

and Thomas to the right.

6.6 Thomas, James and Sarah.

Start with Sarah by getting up, use the double jump.

Activate the button, then switch to James.

Move James to the right

and then jump up to get to the green button. Then James will be able to reach his exit on the right

and Thomas can go up to his exit to finish the level.

6.7 There is Thomas, James and Sarah.

Move Sarah to the right to her exit.

Move James from the left to the right so Thomas can jump on him

and move with both of them into the exit.

6.8 There is Thomas and Sarah.

Move Sarah from the left to the right, use the double jump to reach the other side.

Align her to the exit.

Now move to the left and jump up the projections

After that you can jump with Thomas into the light and finish the level.

6.9 There is now Thomas, James and Sarah.

Activate the right top purple button with Sarah.

Now activate the 2nd purple button.

Activate both red buttons with Thomas

since they'll be in his range.

Finally, activate the green button,

move Thomas and Sarah to the left

and James to the right to finish the level.

6.10 Thomas, James and Sarah. The first button should be activated automatically if you don't move Thomas.

Now activate the purple button on the right with Sarah.

Activate the green button

and then the button on the right with Thomas.

Finally, use Sarah to boos Thomas and activate the last button

to finish the level.