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Thomas Was Alone Walkthrough Spawn

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0.1 Move Thomas into the rectangle

0.2 Go to the right and fall down the cliff. Keep going down, you'll have to move to the left and right

then get to the white rectangle, the exit.

0.3 Keep going to the right

and jump over the obstacles

until you get to the end of the level.

0.4 Jump over to the end.

If you have problems, try to get close to the edge and hold your jump button to increase the duration in mid air.

0.5 Move to the right

and don't stop, the blocks will fall down

and enter the exit.

0.6 Jump up the stairs

then jump to the small projections, if you have trouble doing so go close to the edges and jump from there

after that you enter the exit.

0.7 The exit is at the top of the level,

you just keep jumping up

and from the left to the right.

Continue going up,

jump over these small stairs

and get to the exit.

0.8 The water kills Thomas so don't fall into it.

Leap to the right and get from platform to platform.

The zone with circular directed arrows is your spawn point when you crossed it.

Jump over the platforms and get to the exit.

0.9 Move to the left, then jump up to the blocks like in the picture shown.

Keep going up and jump to the block shown in the picture once again.

Jump to the left, to the blocks where 3 blocks are close to each other. From there jump to the right.

Jump up

and leap to the left.

Then leap to the one in the disatnce, remember to stand close to the edge and holding the jump button if you have trouble of leaping there.

Jump up

and continue jumping to the right

until you reach the exit.

0.10 Go to the right and leap over to the platforms.

After that the ground will be pushed up and down

Just keep going and jumping to the right.

Continue going and jumping to the right

Then enter the exit.