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Act 5 - Scene 1: Penthouse

One of your pilots gets shot by a sniper. Time to rappel down and spread some justice.

This level starts on some penthouse suites. Expect intense close combat. Use a weapon with large magazine if possible.

Go through the first room you see. Enemies straight ahead.

Down the stairs to the right.

Downstairs is packed with terrorists.

Continue down another set of stairs.

Move through the corridor and expect resistance.

The NSA agent stops the elevators to slow down the terrorists. Continue down the stairs on your right.

First door you see will lead to more terrorists.

Keep an eye on the windows as some enemies might be outside.

Continue on the balcony and go to the right.

Resupply at the checkpoint. Even bigger fight coming up ahead.

You can surprise the first guys easily.

Move inside and keep going forward.

Some terrorists have occupied the piano room. Clear it out.

You will find a place to rappel down in the same room.

More waiting downstairs. Shooting through the windows first is a good idea.

Down the corridor and through the doors on your left.

Through the door on the left after you get a checkpoint. More bad guys on the other side.

A very persistent camper in this room.

Go down the rappel spot.

As you go down the NSA agent will cut the power. Use your night vision goggles, no reason to be at a disadvantage.

You will reach a checkpoint at the resupply crates.

Door to the right of the resupply leads out.

Rappel down through the windows.

Proceed down the corridor and to your right.

Resupply in this room. Once you do, get outside through the windows.

When you step outside an ingame cutscene will play out. The terrorists wiped out alpha team, whoever they were.

Rappel to the ground level.

A long range section of the map. Push forward.

Go behind and to the left of the piano.

A big hall full with terrorists is beyound this double door. Smoke or flashbang might give you a better chance.

They will try to flank you through a smaller room on your right.

In the big hall you will find a place to rappel down the elevator shaft.

Act 5 - Scene 2: Casino

Go down the passageway, you have a chance to surprise the first patrols.

Heavy enemy resistance outside. Using long range weapons is preferred. Try to attack from two sides with your team.

Beware of sniper on balcony.

Resupply cache at casino entrance.

Proceed through the room with prize car.

Keep going to the right as you fight. You can cover your team while they go in front.

The stairs leading down will summon more enemies.

Go to your right and through the double doors.

Act 5 - Scene 3: Center Stage

Help out the pinned down SWAT member.

Short ingame dialogue with the only living SWAT member left.

After you talk with the SWAT, more enemies will come.

Go up the stairs to your right when you kill them off.

Strongly barricaded room you need to go in at this corner. Using smoke here can be very effective.

Once you clear the barricade get inside the room and order your team to hack the computer.

Now you will have to defend the same room you just cleared while the hacking is going on.

Another bomb to disarm soon. Go up the stairs and to the right.

Good time to resupply.

Above the theater is a lone guard, dispose of him.

You will find yourself over the theater. You can rappel immediately or snipe your enemies from above, in either case you need to do it quick because you need to go down and disarm the bomb at the center.

Just between the two lion statues is the bomb.

Once you clear the area your teammate can disarm the bomb safely.

Exit sign doors will lead you to the next area.

The shadows of your enemies can reveal their position early.

Resupply and proceed throgh double door.

The hostages you must save are beyound these doors. Some smoke can help you secure them.

Just as you save the hostages a whole platoon of enemies will start rushing you down from two sides. Get in some cover and wait them out.

Clear the balconies as well.

When they are all dead, go through one of the exit doors.

Up some stairs.

And another exit.

Keep going to the right from here and you will find a door.

Act 5 - Scene 4: Extraction

Some bad guys will start rushing you down from this corridor.

You will find some stairs up.

Resupply as you are about to enter the last battle for this level.

When you go out on the rooftop more explosions follow.

A helipad is heavily guarded here. You need to battle your way to it and clear the area for your chopper.

You can order your team to go up the stairs on the left for a better view of the battlefield.

Keep your eyes open for some red barrels, you can take out enemies behind cover with them.

Get up the stairs to find the helipad once all enemies are dead.

Once you get to the helipad you will be briefed on the developing situation.

The NSA agent hops in for a ride. This concludes the fifth mission.