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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Walkthrough Nevada Desert

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Act 6 - Scene 1: Drop Off

The agent tells you he works alone. You will have to do this mission by yourself.

On the rooftop you will find a ladder down. This mission has long range sniping positions, it's best to pick a sniper rifle for it.

Once you get close to the windows you will see the first enemies. Remember that you can't aim through a window which you are under without breaking it and making noise. Try to aim through the already broken windows.

When you clear the outside area jump over a broken window to get out.

You will see a truck and part of the road on fire, you can go to the right of here without getting burned.

A machine gunner is overlooking your passage, get him before he sees you.

First spot where your sniper rifle comes into play.

Keep going forward to the refinery.

When you see the first checkpoint prepare for an intense firefight around the corner.

Enemies on multiple levels.

Try to take out the sniper on top first, he can kill you with one shot.

Machine gunner in the left corridor. Note the red explosive barrel, you can shoot it to kill enemies behind cover. They are spread all over the map.

If you run out of ammo you can always pick one of the weapons your enemies drop.

Act 6 - Scene 2: Furnaces

Keep going until you see some train carriages.

Scout each one of the paths near the trains, you will spot some patrolling enemiest.

As you move forward they will try to blind you with smoke, use your thermal goggles.

You will encounter a machine gunner at an awkward spot.

After the train tracks you will find a double door. More terrorists wait inside. You can use the red ladder to get above them if you want.

The trail of dead workers will lead you in the right direction.

The NSA agent asks you to reset the fire alarm.

Door with red lamp leads to the next area.

Up the red stairs.

Act 6 - Scene 3: Refinery

You will easily reach the reset button for the alarm, but be prepared for heavy enemy resistance once you press it.

If you stay inside the room with the button you will be pinned down in a crossfire between 2 machine gun nests. A good way to take one out is to backtrack to the previous corridor and shoot from above.

The second one is to the right of the room you are in.

Don't stay too close to the explosive barrels, an enemy might shoot them sometimes.

Once outside proceed past the white vans and go to the left.

Up the stairs on your right is a checkpoint.

To continue you must go up the yellow ladder. Watch out for enemies coming from your left as you go to it.

Once you reach this area, many enemies will attack you from top and below.

Keep going forward then enter the room with the red light.

Some equipment containers await beyound this door.

You can always use some grenades to even the odds.

Down the stairs you will see a large fan.

You can use it to scout the next room and surprise your enemies.

Go through the passage next to the fire-extinguisher to reach the next area.

Act 6 - Scene 4: Airstrip

Go down the stairs.

Keep following the passage with red railings going to the right.

Patrol ahead. Easy pick.

Go though the double door the patrol was guarding.

You will end up in a barricaded corridor. Shooting the red explosives can help you in this situation.

Go to the right from the barricaded corridor once you clear the way.

When you step outside you will see a single red ladder. Time to go up.

You will find the airstrip. Rappel down.

An ingame cutscene plays out. The big twist, the terrorist leader has been working with some guy you know.

The rogue agent leaves and sends his troops to kill you, find a place to hide.

After a few seconds an explosion knocks you out unconscious.

Ingame cutscene shows someone is dragging you out.

You wake up and realise the helicopter pilot has rescued you. This concludes the sixth mission.