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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Walkthrough Pic Des Pyrenees, France

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Act 1 - Scene 1: Negotiations

You see your teammate waving at you. You will have to go to him. Turn to your right.

Walk down the stairs.

Move past the windows, behind which you see your superiors.

Further down the stairs.

You end up in the makeshift command center.

Listen to the mission briefing.

Wait for your teammate to move away from the droorway.

Walk towards the next room.

Take cover next to the doorway and wait for the soldier to look away from you. Take the shot when you are given the order.

Go up the stairs.

Get ready to take out some soldiers behind the door. Don't forget to order your team to move with you.

Proceed through the narrow corridor in front of you.

Walk down the stairs.

Next door leads to the outside.

Walk up to the end of the passage and take cover behind the building.

Take out the two soldiers. Aim from cover for better accuracy and safety.

Go up the walkway.

Time to take cover again and deal with some soldiers.

Walk through the double doors in front of you.

Here you are approaching a room with multiple entrances. You can choose where to position your teammates and yourself to have better advantage against the soldiers inside.

You can order your team to take cover behind the door on the right.

You can see your enemies through the windows on the left side of the room.

Take out the soldiers on the lower floor and go up the stairs.

More soldiers will be waiting for you on the upper floor.

Take cover near the double doors and get ready to take out yet another soldier.

He won't see you coming.

One sniper awaits you afterwards.

Walk forward.

You will see places on which you and your teammates can rappel down. Make sure they are following you, because you won't be able to complete the mission without them.

As you rappel down you can shoot the bad guys before you breach in, to surprise them.

In the room you just breached go through the door you find on the left.

Another room with multiple entrances follows next.

You can order your teammates to go in through the door on the right side.

And you can go in from the door on the left. Ordering your teammates to use a flashbang as they come in can give you a nice advantage.

Go through the room you just cleaned and walk outside.

You will have to rappel up this time.

You see some friendlies as you go up.

When you climb up, go to the left.

You will find two more unsuspecting enemies. Go forward from there and to your right.

Go past the door you see, walk through the dark corridor and go up the stairs. Don't forget that you can always use your map for directions.

You will have to order your teammate to disarm the bomb on this door. Thermal vision can show you enemies close to you for a brief time on the mini-map.

When you go in, a hostage situation will have to be resolved.

You will have to wait until you are given the order to shoot.

Dispatch all enemies as quickly as you can.

Go downstairs to deal with anyone left hiding.

At the end of the hostage room you will see a walkway leading towards some green equipment containers. You can change your weapons and resupply your ammo with them.

Act 1 - Scene 2: Ambush

Walk outside and get ready for a fight as you approach the building on your right.

Big firefight here.

Make your way forward.

Sniper on the rooftop.

Keep moving forward as you fight your way through.

Proceed through doorway.

Some terrorists are waiting for you on the end of the corridor.

After that go up the stairs.

Get ready for a big fight on the upper floor.

Stay behind cover during the shootout because you will not last long otherwise.

You can go from left or right side to proceed to next area.

Going through the right side is quicker.

More barricaded bad guys.

Yet another bomb waiting to be defused after you go through the barricades.

Order your teammate to disarm the bomb and find some good cover. The terrorists will try to stop you.

Here is a good place to cover your teammate's back while he defuses the bomb.

As things start to look dire, backup arrives just in time. This concludes the first mission.