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Act 3 - Scene 1: Gymnasium

The chopper drops you in a hot zone. Time to move your way up to the gymnasium.

Beware of machine gun at the other side.

You find a white van. Order your team to search it.

Gas masks are found inside. Suspected use of poison gas by the terrorists.

Time to go inside to search for the chemical bomb.

Beware of the barricaded enemies.

Go up the stairs.

Along the upper corridors and through the double door.

More enemies ahead.

Continue to your left. You can choose to stay on the upper floor or go down. It's best to stay up to have a better position against the opposition.

Go past the corridor with the long glass window.

You will end up above some troops. Move your way forward and get rid of everyone.

Get down from here and see a civilian running away from the bad guys.

Sadly you can't save him.

Through here and on to the next building.

Some dark area here. Thermal vision and night vision can help.

More downstairs.

Bright exit signs always show the right way.

Bad guy behind this door.

And one more on the other side.

The climbing area can be a bit tricky. Try to kill the guys on the ropes before they can get down.

Watch your surroundings as the terrorists start swarming you from the upper floors.

Once you are confident there are no more left, go up the ropes.

As you move up the floors more will come.

Get up the next wall.

Once you get to the last floor you will find a double door exit.

Act 3 - Scene 2: Arena

Resupply crates at your convenience.

Go down and through the exit.

Expect heavy resistance once you get outside.

Enemies will attack you from the passageway above you and on the ground.

Don't let them flank you from the stairs coming down on your right.

Once you reach the end of this area, enemies with shields will come down the stairs. Try to aim for their arms or headshot them.

Go up the same stairs the bad guys came from.

Up more stairs.

Breach this door with the help of your team, bad guys on the other side of it.

Down the stairs you will find the exit.

The exit is never wrong.

Past more gym equipment you will find a way to the outside.

The next building is guarded. Take out the sniper in the window first.

Move inside and watch out for more enemies.

You will reach a metal fence. Order your team to set up explosives.

At the end of the corridor you will find a locked door where the hostages are kept.

Sadly you are too late and they get killed by the terrorists. Your teammate tries to kick the door down with no luck. Maybe he ran out of C4?

Continue to your left and through the exit.

To the left again.

Lots of bad guys here.

Keep moving forward and go through the double door.

More baddies.

Keep clearing the area and move past the boxes.

You will reach a storage area. Beware for enemies trying to flank you from the second floor.

They might try to rappel down.

The trusty exit will lead you out of here.

The area has been contained because of the chemical bomb. A little too late.

Act 3 - Scene 3: Library

You can resupply here but watch out because enemies will attack you immediately.

Bad guys will try to shoot you from the ground and from the upper pathways.

Once you make your way through, you will go in the library.

It will be packed with terrorists. Move through this corridor and go to your left.

You will have to pass through the same pathway you saw on your way before. Enemies with shields, aim for the exposed areas.

Down the stairs.

You will find the main library space here. On your comms they will suggest you go on the second floor and keep your teammates on the ground floor. It's a sound advice.

Move past here.

Green resupply crates if you need them.

You can order your teammates to clear the way downstairs.

While you can go up and do the same on the second floor.

You can keep a better watch on your teammates from above. Move towards the end of the room.

Once you clear the building you can go through the exit.

Act 3 - Scene 4: Chase

Resupply containers just before you get outside.

As you move outside you will notice a suspicious man in a hazmat suit.

Turns out he is a terrorist under cover. You will have to chase him down.

Move through the parking lot.

Find your way at the end of the alley.

You will have to fight through the backyards of some houses while you chase the bad guy in hazmat suit.

Keep clearing the area at your own pace. You can't lose the guy who is running away.

He has almost endless supply of bad guys to throw at you while he tries to save himself.

The chopper will keep an eye on him while you fight.

When the backyards end you will go to your right.

Next area can be a bit confusing, Enemies will attack you from the front and to your right, hiding behind the old signs.

Watch out for these little crevices while you move up, so bad guys can't surprise you.

Take cover behind this red scrap metal and wait for some enemies to come. Otherwise you might get too exposed.

They will try to surprise you from some elevated places.

Last part of the level. Get behind some cover and deal with the last batch of enemies coming from right, as you close in on your target.

End of the road for him.

Watch as you get some information from him.

He tries to shoot you with his other sidearm for some reason. You will have to kill him fast.

Get to the chopper through the fence door.

Your team discusses the futility of their actions. This concludes the third mission.