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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Walkthrough Las Vegas, Nevada

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Act 2 - Scene 1: Rooftops

Welcome to Old Vegas. Your team is on their way to a terrorist attack in progress.

Enjoy the view while you are being briefed.

Rappel down from the chopper.

Wait for your team to get down aswell.

Go up the ladder. The briefing on the current situation continues.

Keep moving forward until you can go to the right.

Through here.

First bad guy will appear behind this wall.

Continue past the next door and further down the corridor.

You can surprise some enemies here.

Move through the now unguarded room.

Move up the stairs until you see another door.

More guys hanging around in next room.

Jump through the window in that room.

Some guy might be trying to shoot you from an awkward angle.

Go up the ladder to your right.

Move towards the big Havana building and beware of snipers.

Sniper spotted on the staircase. Note, more enemies below.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes the enemy will try to flank you.

When you get rid of all enemies get down the ladder.

The skylights can provide some advantage.

When you drop down from the skylight be prepared for an ambush.

Move through the rooms until you see the exit on your left.

As you get outside, more enemies will swarm you.

Move down the staircase and go to your right where you will see a double door.

You reach a checkpoint through here.

Up the stairs you will see a double door on your left.

Next batch of enemies to dispose of.

Up the next stairs, and some more enemies.

As you make your way up, a hostage situation arises. Good time to resupply with the equipment containers.

Act 2 - Scene 2: Nightclub

A lonely sniper hangs about on this rooftop. Only a prelude to the real fight that's about to come.

Move past the sniper you just killed and rappel down.

As soon as you land more terrorists will start popping up from cover.

A tough firefight will happen here, so it's best to hunker down and kill your targets one by one.

Two bad guys will try to rappel down from the building on the left. Try to get rid of them while they are defenceless.

And even more bad guys await at the base of that building.

As you clear your way, proceed down the rooftop path.

They attack you here as well.

Go up the stairs when you clear this area. You will find a door on the far left side.

Through here.

Another rappel spot at the end of the corridor.

You find the hostage. Try to get a better position up the ladder.

A better vantage point on the rooftop skylight.

When you rappel down from the skylight you will find the hostage dead. Sadly you cannot save him in time.

Beyound the hostage room follows the nightclub. Expect to be surrounded at some point inside.

Don't forget to use your thermal vision, all the purple lights and colors on this level can be a bit disorienting.

Down the stairs you will find more resistance. Use cover to your advantage and don't let them flank you.

Proceed through the big passageway once you clear them out.

The one-armed bandits become casualties of war as you fight your way out.

The level is pretty straight forward here. Use cover as needed.

You find the exit at the end.

Act 2 - Scene 3: Garage

The garage is packed with enemies and the cover isn't very effective. Move up slowly from vehicle to vehicle.

They will even try to flashbang you. You will be fine if you look away from the source of the flash.

A wider place of the map. You can use this to your advantage as you sprint from cover to cover. Position your allies accordingly.

If you run behind the vehicles on the right you can very effectively flank your enemies.

No chance to react.

The exit of the garage finally.

A guy is waiting inside.

Terrorists will rush down from this alley.

Push on forward. This fight will be challenging.

Sniper on top of the construction cabin.

Make your way past the construction materials.

The terrorists blow up the bridge for some reason.

Bad guys will emerge from the cabin.

The bad guys in cabin repeats once again.

A machine gunner's nest can be deadly. Kill them quickly with a headshot.

Past the machine gun are some storage facilities.

Inside you will find equipment resupply. Just in time.

Act 2 - Scene 4: Sweatshops

You will see some bad guys harassing a woman, deal with them quickly.

You can order the woman to follow you. You will need her to open a door for you.

Just beyound the corner many enemies have taken cover.

Don't allow them to get to the machine gun.

Move through the parking area and clear out the way, so the woman can follow you safely.

You reach a locked gate. Order the woman following you to open it.

She offers you a distraction against the terrorists in the building near you.

Wait for the guy to go outside and kill him.

Inside is a storage area with some enemies.

Keep going to the right until you find a door.

A hostage situation is inside. Use flashbangs if you can't kill the terrorists quickly otherwise.

You rescue the woman's family. Congrats.

Resupply awaits you outside.

Next storage area has some enemies. Going down a ladder during a firefight is a bad idea.

Keep your eyes open for bad guys on higher places.

Make your way towards the bright red exit sign.

One guy is outside.

The parking area offers bad cover. Take care and move in slowly.

When you go inside, yet another room with hostages awaits you.

Flashbangs and quick headshots always help in this kind of situation.

Your teammate takes notice of the barrels with chemicals.

The ex-hostages thank you.

You are ordered to extract to the chopper as another situation arises.

Backtrack to where you came from.

The chopper comes to get you out.

This concludes the second mission.