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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Walkthrough Convention

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Act 4 - Scene 1: South Hall

Your boss is angry with you because you couldn't stop the chemical bomb in time in the previous level. He wants you to stop the next bomb.

Your team rappels down on a rooftop. You can choose to go down some ropes and bust through the windows or take the stairs. Taking the stairs is better because you will have better cover once inside.

Keep going down.

Downstairs you will find some enemies to shoot.

Take cover and pop out over some unsuspecting bad guys.

Once you thin their numbers go down the stairs on your right.

Continue right.

And go down.

Go to your right from here. You will end up in the main convention center.

Using silenced weapons can make things easier. Hold the reload button to bring out the silencer and other options.

Go forward and keep hugging the wall to your right. Any lurking enemies will be easier to deal with if they can't go behind you.

Keep following the wall on your right and you will find your way.

You will see some resupply crates after the metal detectors.

Use anything appropriate as cover and move up.

Keep going to the right from here.

Keep fighting until you see the stairs, then go up.

Enemy forces are waiting for you up here.

Go to your left from here and ignore the stairs up.

A big shootout at this long corridor. Keep moving as you kill more bad guys.

Go through the blue door to a checkpoint.

Act 4 - Scene 2: Exhibition

After you have resupplied go down the stairs.

Two exit doors, pick the one on the right.

A long range shootout ensues. When you defeat your enemies move to the van in front of you.

Order your teammates to search the van.

They find nothing. The bomb must be in another place.

Get inside the storage facility. You can choose to go up the stairs to the second floor or go from the ground floor.

A lot of bad guys inside. Both floors will be occupied.

A better angle on your enemies can be provided on the second floor.

Go through this door and then to your right.

You will find yourself looking over some more terrorists, continue through the door you see after you deal with them.

More boxes. Keep going until you reach the door on the other side of the passage.

Go to the end of this corridor and move through the single door.

Some terrorists are waiting here. Go in the room with the big window once you clear the place out.

Resupply crates.

Order your teammate to hack the computer.

Time to save another hostage. Go down from where you came from.

Move through the double door.

The little square can guide your way.

Another section of the convention. Order your teammates to use silenced weapons. You will have to kill every enemy before they can shoot you back to maintain stealth until you find the bomb.

Keep going to the right side of the rooms.

Go for the headshots and don't let them react.

Move past the FarCry 2 ad.

Some guy will casually walk in front of you. End him quickly.

To the right from here.

As you reach the checkpoint get ready for some quick shooting. A good idea is to use smoke or flash on this door because you need to deal with several enemies at once.

You will find the hostage inside. Time to save him.

He is strapped to a bomb, but not the one you are looking for. Order your teammate to try to disarm it.

Get in cover while the disarming process is going on, you will have to fight off some invaders.

You cannot disarm the bomb so you leave the hostage to the police. You have a bigger bomb to stop.

Go through the door on the right.

Keep fighting and going to the right.

Keep clearing each hall as you move out.

Door with exit will lead to a checkpoint.

Act 4 - Scene 3: North Hall

Lots of enemies are in this hall.

The flow of enemies can guide you to where you have to go.

Need a long range weapon here. The low cover doesn't provide adequate protection.

At the end of the corridor you will find stairs to go down.

Continue through here and up the stairway.

Don't miss the equipment on your left.

Upstairs you will see some civilians. Move past them and go down once again.

A machine gun on the opposite side of the escalator. Make sure no one is there before you go up.

As you climb up some bad guys will rappel down.

Proceed down the hall. Cover isn't very good.

Don't let them get the drop on you. Skylights can be used by the enemy.

Resupply before you go to the left.

Can't go anywhere but forward.

Act 4 - Scene 4: Monorail

As you make your way to the monorail to find the bomb you will be attacked from both passages. You can cover one and send your team to the other if you wish.

Machine gunners will be overlooking the area.

Keep going up the stairs.

Going from only one way can have it's advantages.

Another set of escalators to go up.

The bar provides very good cover. Take your time as more enemies rush you.

Go to your right when you go out of the bar.

Some scary looking dudes will try to stop you in the locker room. Don't let them get too close.

After the locker room you will find yourself at the base of the monorail station. Heavy firefight will ensue here. At the end of the hall you will find the final escalator leading to the monorail.

Take your time and wait for the bad guys to come to you here. This escalator is a nasty chokepoint that can work both ways.

Once you secure the station, order your team to disarm the bomb. Both of your teammates will be busy so you will have to defend them alone.

Get in cover and kill the last of the terrorists trying to stop you from defusing the bomb.

Your team can't disarm the bomb and the terrorists will blow it up manually. The only thing left to do is to send the empty monorail away with the bomb inside.

The monorail explodes at a 'safe' distance.

Go forward and get outside.

You will have to use the ropes to rappel up to your chopper.

A new character enters the game. He will provide some support in the future.

This concludes the fourth mission.