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World Of Goo Walkthrough Deliverance

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This level is nothing but a very, very long pit that needs you to transport a certain "Undelete" block to the bottom.

You achieve this by flinging your green goo into the red flames, causing them to become explosives.

Simpy blow yourself through to the bottom and through several floors until you land in a net.

Once at the bottom, cause the bottom rope to swing by shooting green goo's at it from the side and while it is under the red flame, shoot a green goo up towards the Undelete button and the net will catch fire.

The button will land into the "lava" pit and the game is finished.

All the world's deleted junkmail, being undeleted at once and sent to the World of Goo Corporation

The corporation headquarters explodes from the pressure..

And the world is saved through destruction, Good job!