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Belkin Router Port Forwarding Guides

How to forward ports on Belkin routers

Belkin is one of the leading manufacturers of both wired and wireless routers. They are simple and easy to configure, and tend to have very good performance characteristics.

Open Port on Belkin Routers

Belkin routers are generally pretty easy to configure, and their port forwarding section is no different. They tend to have a list of 10 spots where you can forward a port to internal devices. The biggest problem with Belkin routers is that this list of 10 only allows single ports to be forwarded, not ranges of ports. This can be a real limitation if you need to forward a large number of ports, or a large range of ports.

If you cannot find your exact router in the list below, try following one of our Belkin F7D1301v1 guides. That should get you an open port on pretty much any Belkin router.

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