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Alien: Isolation Walkthrough The Quarantine

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"When you reach the Schimed Tower, find Samuels and an injured Taylor in the main lobby. You'll need to find supplies to heal her, so whip out your Motion Tacker to see what direction you need to head in. Start heading towards the Medical Facility through the door on the right, keeping an eye on the Motion Detector.

ID Tag: In the transit station lobby, look for an ID Tag on one of the benches.

Map Location: To the right of the locked entrance to the Medical Facility.

At a certain point you'll hear a voice come over the speakers. A man will open a nearby elevator that you'll take to his office.

"Climb into the vent to get there.

"Meet with the Doctor Kuhlman at his window to figure out a deal. Since both of you need supplies, you'll find the passcode for the elevator, then both of you will go down to get the supplies. Hit the Emergency Override switch and head into the hallway. Follow the marker on your Motion Detector.

ID Tags: An ID Tag lays on the floor of a blood stained isolation room.

Map Location: A map can be found near the Sedation Ward.

Enter the room labeled Senior Consultant to find the office.

"Hop onto the computer to find the passcode (1702). This will also trigger an alarm.

As you make your way over to the locked door across from the Day Room, the alien will drop from above. Throw a Noise Maker to distract he alien or stay hidden to have it walk in the other direction. Once you reach the locked door and that you know the Alien is not near, punch in the code and head inside.

ID Tags: There is a locked room on the left that holds an ID Tag. You have to punch in the passcode (1702) to get in.

Map Location: Once you get inside the locked door, you'll see the map on your left.

Go through the hallway on the right and keep going until you reach a kitchen like area. From there continue on into the bedroom area where you will see a list of doctors and their patient's rooms.

ID Tags: An ID Tag can be found on the back counter of the kitchen.

Map Location: There is a map you can collect in the kitchen.

From that room, walk back into the hallway and go to the right. The room on the right has a save station. There is a vent you can use to skip through the hallway, something especially needed if the Alien is nearby.

Schematics: In the room with the save station, look on the table for some schematics.

Enter the next hallway to find a giant circular hallway with rooms attached all around it. If you're just looking for the Keycard and don't care for the collectibles, head for room A-29. Search the body on the floor for the Keycard.

Map Locations: As soon as you enter the circular hallway, look to your right to see the map.

There is another map to grab at the end of the hallway on your left.

If you are looking for collectibles, your best way to do so is through room hopping. The Alien will wander the hallway, but it only comes into a room if it hears a noise. When you know the Alien is in the other direction, leave the room and walk into the next one. Do this until you have all the collectibles you want.

"For a quick guide for what is in each room:

"ID Tags: Found in room A-27.

Return to Kuhlman and give him the passcode. Go all the way to the left end of the circular hallway and unlock the door. This will take you back to his office. He'll activate the elevator and start heading your way. But wait, no, he gets killed by the Alien. Make a run for the elevator on your left.