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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Boys Will Be Boys

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You are about to get into a fight with a bunch of thugs from a rival family.

Press L1 to lock on to one of the thugs.

Press square to throw a punch, and hold R1 to block.

If you time your punches just right, Ezio will preform a special move that will take out the person you are fighting.

About half way through your brother will enter the battle.

Another large group of thugs will appear. You are supposed to fight them off. Honstly no matter what happens the battle will end the same way, with the thugs running off.

After the battle you will get another cut scene.

You need money to pay the doctor to fix up your face. So walk over to a body, and press circle to loot them.

Do this until you have 200 florins.

When you have 200 florins, boys will be boys will sync.