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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Nightcap

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Walk out on to the glowing beams. Press triangle to sync your map to this part of town.

I think you press X and R1 to dive off of the beam to the stack of hay below.

It's pretty dramatic when he dives off of the beam.

Your rival will come looking for you while you are in the hay.

When he leaves, exit the hay.

Walk towards the gold symbol on your map. You'll be doing that quite a bit in this game. Symbols are your key to navigation.

You'll see a gold arrow at the right edge of my screenshot here. That gold arrow represents a guards interest in you. As he gets more intrested it fills, and then turns to red and fills again.

Round the corner and there is your waypoint.

You'll get a cutscene here with the girl you are going to see.

Like a thief in the night, wall run up the wall.

Enter her room for another cutscene.

You'll be asked to press a sequence of buttons here. Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

In the morning her father will find you in bed with her.

A whole bunch of guards will be mad at you, so run around a bit.

There are a bunch of situations where you will be running from guards. I'm going to let you figure out how to to get away from them, because it's fairly different each time. Just run around a bit, and then dive in to pile of hay to loose them.

When you lose the guards Nightcap should be synched.