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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Sibling Rivalry

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Free run up these boxes.

Run across these poles to the roof.

Round the corner here.

Jump across to the platform.

Run up the wall here.

Run across the roof.

Jump across to the next roof.

It helps if you land on whatever this thing is.

Run up the wall.

Turn to your left and go through the light circle.

Great you won the race.

Now follow your brother up the tower.

Run up and grab the hand holds.

Continue to climb up. Ezio will move slightly left as he climbs.

You can not climb up the shutters here, so move to your left, and around the tower's corner.

Now climb up the open shutters to the roof.

You'll get a cutscene with your brother helping you up the tower.

Sibling Rivalry will now be synched.