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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Repubblica Fiorentina 1476 Viewpoints

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We'll try to start with our viewpoints section with the northmost viewpoint of every map. You can see which one we are on by where Ezio appears in the first screenshot for that viewpoint.

Find the side of this tower with the notch cut out in the lower section.

Wall run up.

It's a pretty straight shot, and Ezio will be able to climb directly up this tower.

The tower is also pretty short.

Now that you are up there sync.

And here's a screenshot of Ezio falling in to the hay.

Here's the second viewpoint we are going to sync for this section.

Go to the front of the building that is next to the tower.

Wall run up here.

You'll grab a platform here. Continue on up.

When you reach this point, you'll find you can't go up any longer.

Climb slightly to the right, and then continue climbing upward.

Get up the ledge facing the tower you will climb.

Jump across here.

You can climb straight up for quite a while, until you reach this point.

Move to your left until you see this square inlay. You can climb up a bit here.

Climb up to about here. There are a couple of open windows above you that contian gold chests. We will be coming back to those in our gold section. For now go to your right around the corner of the tower.

When you reach the windows you can climb up once again.

When you reach this point you will not be able to go up any further.

Just move slightly to your right and then continue your climb.

Now that you are on top, sync this tower.

Here's a shot of Ezio's dive from this tower.

The is the map location of the next tower we are going to climb.

Proceed to the north side of the building around this tower. I approach it from the rooftops.

Climb up the wall here.

Drop to the ground.

Run up the ladder here.

Jump across to the next platform, and then go up the ladder on this platform.

There are a couple guards up here so be careful. I just drop off the platform I'm standing on and run across to the tower shown in this image.

The guards quickly lose interest when you start climbing the tower.

Climb up to this little ledge, and then shimmy to your left.

When you reach this window start climbing up.

It's a straight climb from there all the way to the top.

Get on the beam platform to sync.

Here's a shot of Ezio's leap of faith from this tower.

This is the next tower we are going to climb. I guess we are working our way around clockwise.

Get to the southern most face of the tower, and start climbing up.

This tower is a very easy climb. You can climb directly up the tower without ever changing positions.

Sync at the top.

Here's a shot of Ezio's leap of faith.

This is the next tower we are going to climb.

Get to the Southern most side of the tower. You'll see these little divits at the bottom of this side. When you are here, you can climb directly up this tower.

There is no need to change side or even shift a little. You'll reach the top easily.

Here's a shot of being about to sync.

Here's Ezio's leap of faith.

This is the last viewpoint we have to sync on this map.

Go to the North most wall of this tower. Climb up from here and you can reach the top without altering your path.

Just climb straight up and you'll reach the top of this small tower.

Here's a shot just before the sync.

Here's a shot of Ezio's leap of faith.