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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Florentine Sprint

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On the map go north to the checkered flag. Man I'm horrible about capturing map shots. I'll try to do better from now on.

You'll get a small cutscene where a guy brags about how fast he is.

Here's the first waypoint.

Run forward and up the boxes here.

Continue forward and go up the wall.

Jump across the roof.

Walk out on to the little walkway, and then jump across to the platform.

Jump straight to the window and then climb to the roof.

Go across the ropes to the other roof. Take a little time here to line yourself up right. You don't want to miss these ropes.

The next waypoint is shown in this screenshot.

Run across the roofs to your left.

Continue onward until you've made the next waypoint.

The next waypoint is on top of the church.

Jump to the church, and then climb to the top roof.

Run across the roof to the next point.

Jump to the top of the little draped room.

Then to the railing. Then jump across to the roof with the waypoint on it.

Turn to your right, and then jump across to the next roof and waypoint.

The final waypoint awaits you on the ground.

Quickly make your way to it however you can.

Here's a shot of me making the final one.

Florentine Sprint should now be Synched.