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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Prologue

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Welcome to our guide for Assassin's Creed II.

Lucy is back, and she will ask you to go lay on the Animus.

Follow Lucy. You'll be doing quite a bit of this.

Lucy will eventually lead you through a maze of cubicals. Follow her, and then stop when she says stop. This part is really easy. Just stay close to Lucy.

Eventually you will come to a garage. There are a bunch of guards down here. Lucy will run out and attack them. Join her.

Press L1 to lock on to a guard. Then start throwing punches by hitting X.

It's pretty easy to take these guards out.

When all the guards are knocked out, follow Lucy again.

She'll lock you in a trunk for your own safety.

Eventually you will arrive in a new building. Once again, follow Lucy.

She will take you to a room, to meet your new team. These are the people who will be feeding you data while you are in the Animus.

Walk around the room talking to each of them. You can't really do anything until you've spoken to each one.

This guy is kind of mean, and really what's the point of talking to him? I don't know. He doesn't move the plot along as far as I can tell.

Talking to Lucy again. Yeah I'm so sorry that you had to lock me in the trunk on the way over here. lol. Anyways speaking to her will get us on to the next part of the game.