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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough 4. Getting to Joker

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Since the Joker radioed you, you got his signal. So go to where the signal is closer.

It will end at the roof of Joker's lair. You'll have to go down the pipe to get inside.

Now, go to the platform so yount burn.

Crouch you way til you get to this. Pull this open with your Batclaw.

After doing some acrobatics, youll be in a ventilation system underneath the floor of Joker's lair.

When you get past and some of the armed inmates leave, go into action.

After that, head to the left and go through the doors to save Dr. Baker.

Just continue going throug this door and the next.

There'll be guards you have to take out silently.

Go through the next room and take out more guards silently.

Then go inside the small building thing in that room and save the doctor!

Now, go back into the Loading Bat area to get insde Joker's Office.

When you get there, use your new Electrical Charge gun to charge up this crane so the ball can smash into Joker's Office so you can get in.

When you get it destroyed, jump up to his office and get the Joker.

But it appears that the Joker is dead...

Then blackness. You were knocked out. Nice.

And well, he's not dead. But pretty bad looking.

Looks like he injected some of his toxic blood into you. GREAT.

Joker says he has a cure...

Batman is fine dying but Joker threatens to poison Gotham with this poison.

Then that's the end of your disccusion. Joker then throws you out the window. Lovely.