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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Finding Ra's Al Ghul.

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Now, you'll have to find Ra's Al Ghul's blood and retrieve it.

Exit the Museum to go after the assassin.

Just follow the forensic trail and you'll find that the assassin's trail has stopped.

So you'll have to scan the bandage for evidence.

Now, you're gonna have to catch the assassin so you can put a tracker on them so Batman can find Ra's.

You'll run into her soon after.

Afterwards, you'll get the line launcher.

Since you placed the tracking device, just follow it to Ra's Al Ghul's location.

If you dont know where it is, get to the subway maintenace center.

Just keep following the arrow leading to the tracking device.

Make sure you're going to Wonder City... .-.

This part is a bit of a challenge.

ALl you'll have to is go to areas where Mechanical Guardians parts are at and scan them. Here's one.

Another one.

And another one.

Some more...

Another one...

And you're doneeee.

After finding the lock, Batman will shove a assassin's face into the wall and use their sword to unlock it.

But now you'll have to watch more of the data to see the entrance.

When you find it, Batman will have hallucinations since the toxins are getting to him...

Just keep going ahead to get to the entrance.

You're gonna have to do some trials to get what you need.

This part is really cool. Honestly, pretty simple jsut hard to not do what he says.

Basically, you're gonna have to follow Ra's. But you can't touch ANYTHING. Which is kinda the hard part, well for me.

Dive bomb a lot to get speed to fly up so you can avoid obstacles like these.

Once in a while, there'll be some henchmen

When you're done, you'll end up back, in the real world.

Then you'll have to go against Ra's...

Tips: use explosive gel and avoid EVERYTHING.

After you beat him, you'll have to do it again..ugh.

Again, just avod his attacks and use explosive gel.

Afterwards, he'll threaten to kill his own daughter. SO use a remote controlled batarang to stop him.

Now, only one thing to do. Make the cure.

You'll have to go back to the GCPD Lab to make it.