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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Stopping Protocol 10

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You'll have to hitch on a helicopter to get over the walls and to the Wonder Tower.

There'll be a roof at the Tower where there's a panel to hack into. Do so to get in.

There'll be lots of guards to take out. Do so.

Then there'll be a lot...take all of them out to get to Strange.

The streets will collapse and you'll have to find another way to get there.

You'll get to the foundation of the tower. There'll be guards to take out.

Afterwards, hack into the panel to get the elevator working.

When you get to the top, dive bomb so you can go up easier.

Then go to the right and find this pole to grapple onto.

Now just shimmy and grapple your way up.

After hacking into some security, you'll get here. Go into the vent and take out the guards inside.

When you're done, hack into a security panel to get to Strange.

Well, the cure does more than its supposed to. It'll make someone immortal, and Joker has it! Get to him to stop him!

Also, to get there, the tracker on Talia is still on her. So it'll be easier to get to Joker.

Be careful, there'll be lots of snipers.

When you took out some henchmen, finally, go in and stop Joker.

Then Clayface will be there, great.

Use the Freeze Blast to stop him and attack.

And that's pretty much it!

Joker will explode the ground and this time, Clayface has some help...

Continue to use the Freeze Blast against him.

After you beat him, Batman will use the cure on himself and let Joker die...

And that is the end. Joker, is finally dead.

Thank you for looking at my walkthrough! This game is so awesome and I'm glad you went to me for help! thanks and hope this helped!