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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Going to for the cure

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And when you get back guess who's waiting for you? Freeze. To beat him, just make him go to a certain spot and attack him with explosive gel. Or use stealth to attack.

After you beat him, it looks lke Joker will have the much for all that work. Go back to Joker's lair to get it.

And make sure you enter here.

You'll be using rafts a lot when you get inside. Be careful where you turn!

Then after getting to dry land and making some turns, you'll be here. Explode the wall to proceed.

More raft using...

Then since the gate is blocking it, use the remote controlled batarang to hit the button to open the gate.

Afterwards, down the river sewer thing, you'll have to hack into a panel to open a door.

Just go into the door and expect the unexpected...

Just kidding! There'll just be Dr.Baker. She'll tell you that Joker is still here. You have to find him!

He'll be in the same office as before. Enter it to find him.

Take a left to go through more doors.

And that's where he'll be...waiting...for you.

You'll have to fight henchmen and Joker. SHouldnt be too hard.

The he'll send more henchmen...

And more...

And more... ;-;

After you're done with Joker, You'll have to go to the deck of the Wonder Tower to stop Protocol 10!