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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Getting Penguin.

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Now, you're gonna have to find Mr.Freeze for the cure. Find the coldest spot in Arkham City.

The coldest spot will be the old GCPD Building. Use the Electrical Charge Gun to open the gate.

Now when you get in, there'll be some guards to take out. Do so.

It looks like Penguin has captured Mr.Freeze. Go to the Museum in Arkham City to resue him. Just use your map to get there.

When you get to the front door, you'll have to hack into the panel for the door to open. After that, go in.

Now when you get in, the communications will be interferred. There are some disruptors. You gotta go find and destroy them to continue on.

Just follow the Signal Tracker and you'll find all of them.

Make sure to go down to the Subway there'll be some in there too.

Finally you'll find it and destroy it. Now go back to the Museum to rescue Mr. Freeze.

Now you can hack into the systems again to advance!

Below you will be some hostages and the way to the next area. So go down there.

When you get to the next area, there'll be a gate taht the only way to open it is with the button on the other side. So use your Remote Controlled Batarang to lead it to the button.

Go ahead and you'll enter the Gladiator Pit.

Penguin will let his henchmen have at you so you gotta take them out. This will take sometime.

And at the end, there will be a huge mutated thing...

Now when you're done, lead a remote controlled batarang to the button on the left side of the pit to open the door to advance.

Now go through to find Freeze.

Hack into the panel to open the next door.

Then, use the Electrical Charge Gun to move the elevator.

Explode the wall above you so you can get to the next level.

Then explode the next wall that'll be ahead of you when you climb up from the elevator.

Go forwards to the weak ice and explode that too.

There''l be some people to rescue, do so.

When you need to travel farther and can't make it by gliding, pull a raft to you so you can get on it and go to where you need to go.

Also, you're gonna have to be quiet. Looks like Penguin has a vicious pet that lurks in the water.

Go to the dock to your right.

There'll be a hostage there.

Now go to your right again.

More hostages.

Now swing yourself on the loop thing and glide to the dock that's across from you, or use your raft to go there.

Hack into the security panel that's up the stairs from the dock you landed on so you can open the door.

Proceed to the next room.

Take a right...

And slide under the gate to proceed.

There's Mr.Freeze! Go to the hall to your right to get to him.

Explode that wall...

Now, fight this freak.

After that, go down the hall now, since there's no henchmen, and hack into security to get in.

Now, since you and Freeze chatted, you gotta go see Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge.

Also, you're gonna have to get the security override from Freeze's suit to disable the freeze gun.

Go to the middle of the ice.

Glide to the dock that's across from the one you were in.

When you walk doen the hall and go through the door, there'll be some hostages to save, but these guards have thermal imaging headsets. So this is gonna be a challenge. Tip: Dont stay on the gargoyles for a very long time.

WHen you save the hostages, one of them will show you the suit.

Now since you have the security override, you can now confront Penguin.

The Longe will be North. Use a raft or swing on a loop thing and glide.

Now your first boss battle! Goodie! Just pull out the securrity overide so the freeze gun will be disabled.

When you activate it, walk down the Penguin and finish him.

Then you'll fall to the ground and go against Soloman Grundy, an urban legend about a guy that lives in the Gotham Sewers.

Just use your explosive gel to explode the generators on the ground.

Then you can do some combos on him.

His balls will catch on fire...just continue to use the explosive gel.

Now, one more time. But this time, avoid his shock attack and destroy the generators when they're orange, not blue.

Then, beat up Penguin.

Scan the blood of the assassin for evidence.