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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough 1. INTRODUCTION

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So, let's get started on this walkthrough baby! You, Bruce Wayne, go to do a speech on how Arkham City, the new prison that is within Gotham which contains inmates/patients from Blackgate Penitentiary and Arkham Asylum, is completely unsafe to the residents of Arkham City. Then, TYGER mercenaries rush in and take you. You then wake up to this beautiful face, Hugo Strange.

He then threatens you that he'll divulge your secret indentity if you try and stop his devious plans.

He then leaves and the light flashes on.

Now, you get outta the chair. Just move your left analog stick from left to right or press your left and right keys until you fall on the floor.

A TYGER mercenary will come in, counter his kick to get up.

Then another merc will come and smash your head on the wall.

He'll take you outside where all the other inmates are.

Proceed to Line A to go to the next area.

You'll get thrown into a tunnel thingy which will open the to next area.

You'll then get introduced to the fighting style a bit.

And an inmate will knock you down and you'll meet Penguin. Well, mostly meet his foot.

He'll try and get payback but instead he'll get his hand broken.

After beating your first henchmen up, you'll break free out of your handcuffs.

You then climb a ladder that's on top of the dumpster that is on the right of where you woke up.

You climb and run your way up til you get to the top pf the building to contact Alfred.

The next thing to do is to go on top of the ACE Chemicals Building to pick up your package from Alfred.

When you're done climbing and shimmying up the buidling, your package will arrive.

It is the Batsuit.

Now you are the Batman...