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Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough 3. Joker's Trap

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Scan the evidence to find out where the shooter was at.

When you get to the Medical Building, there'll be henchmen to beat up. So do so.

Harley Quinn will interrupt your meeting with the Joker.

Then, you'll get a smoke pellet to throw so you may go up on the gargoyle statue without being seen. Usually most people will do that. I did not do so, at first.

I beat up the two that stay in front by just beating them up with strikes and ground takedowns.

Now, I saved the hostage to the right first by a silent take down. There's a canopy behind him so it's easy to get behind him.

Then I glided to the next one.

I took him down by simply taking him down thru a wall. Easy.

Thats it!

Joker has set bombs everywhere the remote controlled sniper was at.

Jump out the window now!

Escaped just in time.