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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Going Hunting

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You are now a jetplane pilot of the US army, minutes from being launched into a mission. Listen (or dont) to the debriefing by your co-pilot and head up on deck.

Once in the jet, start following the on-screen instructions, looking at the wings, closing the hatch with M1 and so forth before launch.

After flying for a while, you will encounter enemy jets.

At this point, all you can do for a while is to keep having a visual contact with the enemy on your tail. Glimse away and he might disappear beneath you or into the clouds.

Once you are out of the jungle, the weapons will activate and you will now be clear to fire either a guided missile after locking on the enemy or dumb machine-gun fire.

Use these tools to take down the enemy planes while avoiding being locked-on by their torpedos by dispensing your flares using the "X" button.

Once all enemies are dead, you will continue to jump into a sequence of dodging missiles. Simply take note when you are locked on and dispense flares with the best of your judgement.

When you are finally safe from enemy air, you are given the task to laser-designate enemy SAM's (Surface to Air Missile) launchers followed by airplanes trying to take off and other objects.

The first ones will light onto your HUD.

But the rest will require you to have a keen eye while using the infrared vision, available to you through (NUMLOCK 9)

A bit later, you will also need to destroy planes trying to take off on the run-way. Simply trace your cross-hair at them and a nearby friendly plane will eradicate them with bombs.

After that, a whole bunch of lights will flick up on your HUD, symbolizing infantry. Laser-designate the most crowded spot and cluster-bombs will shortly follow.

Once you're done, the view will come back as normal, it now being night and your partner successfully brings the plane back to base, landing it and ending the mission.