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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Operation Guillotine

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Mission will start with you laying ontop of a hill, waiting for a start signal. When you do get it, grab the nearby mortar launcher and run down the hill along with your fellow soldiers.

Once down, deploy the mortar in the designated spot marked on your HUD and another soldier will take over, giving you illuminating flares as you close down on the enemy position later.

While they can be blinding, it encourages you to look down the scope of your weapon, avoiding most if not all of it.

Get a lift over a wall nearby by a fellow soldier and work your way onward.

Once you reach the very first flare, there will be a few enemies, trying to rush you. Take them out.

Get down by the river and circle the large rock.

A large number of enemies will be encamped there. Shoot them down while taking cover behind the terrain.

While they are dead, feel free to keep an eye out for alternative guns, not limited to AK's, UMP's, M1 shotguns and more.

Once up the stairs, an enemy encampment will be up ahead. Fire at them to bring down mortar fire on their position.

It may take a while of ducking before it happens so take your time.

Keep pressing onwards up to the large building and stick close to your HUD follow target.

Once against the walls of the building, I recommend a shotgun or the UMP due to the close quarters up ahead.

After clearing out some small rooms, prepare to breach and be knocked down.

While knocked down, you can still manouver your weapon so fire away.

Once you're outside, get into the humvee.

After a long driving sequence, you arrive at a blockade. Step out of the vehicle and continue forward on foot.

Another RPG will be fired at you, initiating an ambush.

Run up to the bridge and get on it from beneath by going up the hill and up the stairs.

Once up, flank the ambushers in quick succession.

Follow your guiding NPC and kill any terrorists you come across.

You will suddenly be ambushed by a tank, dive into the small ravine and run away, dodging the bombardment.

After getting knocked out just when entering into a building by the tank, get up and follow your fellow soldiers out from the building.

Having the area still be crawling with enemy armor, you need to find anti-tank weapons. A recovery mission is started where you need to grab a nearby Javelin from a previous wiped out squad. Rush across the street and up to the well-lit plaza.

Grab the javelin from the dead soldier.

And start lighting up the enemy armor. There will be roughly 3-5 tanks to take out before you can proceed. If you accidently pull out you other weapons, bring the javelin up again by pressing (4).

Once the tanks are dealt with, you are given the assignment of infiltrating a bank. You do this by flanking the structure with another fellow soldier.

Take care of the guards behind the bank.

Climb a wall with the help of your fellow soldier.

And give him a boost to climb up the fire-escape ladder.

Once at the fire-escape, jump into a small window, leading to the restroom.

Once in, prepare for a quick-time event where you overpower a soldier that noticed you entering.

Give him a quick stab.

Refill your ammo if necessary and clean out the building from the back as your teammates rush the front-door.

Don't forget the snipers one floor above you or any cover you find will be useless.

After cleaning out all the bad guys, you gather with the rest of your fellow soldiers, preparing to breach the bank's basement.

You will reach a small elevator, requiring you to rapple downwards.

After reaching the bottom, you'll spot more bad guys. Throw a flash-bang in and clear out the rest of the building.

I recommend the shotgun for these parts. Enemies are tightly packed and fairly close.

Breach the bank vault and your mission will be completed.