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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Full Campaign

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Semper Fidelis

After grabbing the pistol, shoot the two terrorists.

Move on ahead and take out the rest.

Grab the shotgun barricading the door.

Prepare for a quick-time event using M1.

Move on ahead.

When you see the man planting C4, jump out of the window to your left.

Quickly jump off the first segment of the train.

Mash your space-bar to prevent falling onto the train tracks.

Don't time your clicks, simply button-mash or fall off the train.

Move forward on the train while crouching. Take out the baddies climbing up on the left side.

Jump down the newly created hole.

Take out the enemies coming up front.

Move up ahead and make sure to actually execute your enemies or they'll 1-hit melee kill you.

Ignore the barrel-bomb and run up ahead.

Get knocked down from the right side and watch the rest of the scenario.